790 & diet coke?


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I know diet coke isn't allowed with S/S and AAM but 'the book' implies no calorie and sugar free drinks are allowed as part of the 4pint liquid amount so am I now ok with diet coke??:confused:

any comments/advice would be great
My counsellor says no. Water is the best as a purifer and coke might interfere with Ketosis.

I find that I don't miss coke as I mix the berry flavourings with sparkling water. Tastes very nice actually.
I think most CDCs say no, BUT there are quite a few people who drink DC with no ill affects. Personally, I wouldnt bother, because it can knock you out of ketosis and bring on cravings for other things, bt its your call to make. Same is said for sugar free gum, but I have had that the last couple of days and have been fine, so you would just have to see how you personally get on!!
I think the advice given to refrain from coke is to make it easier for youself and for weight loss. When I first went on CD I ignored the advice and had 2 to 4 or more Ltrs a day for 2 weeks and chewing gum.

At a later time I went on CD with only water and found the going so much easier. I still lost weight on coke although not as much, but I was hungry and used the coke to fill me up. I use the berry mix now instead. It's a far better taste for me and I dont feel hungry or bloated.

Everyone is different, some it may not affect, but if you want a glass of diet c or better, get zero, only have one in a day and see how you feel. You can usually tell within an hour or so if you are feeling hungry.

Hope this helps