790....Meal Ideas


:confused: Has anyone got any meal ideas for the 790 plan.

I am soooo fed up with salad and chicken!

Hiya, I'm working on this one myself. I've been toying with the idea of using low fat natural yoghurt and tandoori spices to make a tandoori chicken. I've also put mint into the yoghurt to make a dip. I always put different spices and herbs on my chicken anyway that way you can have a variety of flavours.

I'm not much of a cook but hope that helps.


Check out my reply to babybaby AAMW - for dry marinades/rubs - taken from diabetic website so nofat,carbs and salt!

Might help. Good luck!
thanks everyone x x x

sounds great

had a meal at my mums the other night and she cooked me tandori chicken. it was lovely!

She usd low fat greek yogurt and a teaspoon of pataks tandori curry paste and stir and chop chicken into chunks and leave to marinate in the fridge and bung in a really hot oven uncovered!!:eek:

this was soooo nice!