790 or AAM a few days a week.....advice please


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I have been back on CD since the beginning of Jan, have lost 17lb(up till last wed, haven't been weighed this week as CDC away till next week)

I have a few ups and downs, but after the wedding dress trying on last week, I have been back on track.

Over the weekend I was at mums and had 2 aam's over the 2 days, then this week I have had a couple of aam's(was having totm and felt washed out). I am being strict about what I am having and still having 3 packs and most of my water( was harder on the very cold days!:rolleyes: ) I am also continuing to loose weight and I am in Ketosis.

What my question is, I dont really want to go to 790full time as it gives me too much of an excuse to have food everyday...'just because' I am 'supposed to have it', but if I have the odd AAM would it affect weight loss much? I feel(maybe its just an excuse....!:( ) that its better to have this meal if I am feeling like I would go off track with out it and grab whatever came to hand, at least with the aam its controlled and I sit and eat it properly.

maybe I have answered my own question by saying I am still in ketosis and loosing weight, but wondered if anyone else has done this?

thanks for reading my wafflings!!!

Lou X
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790is basically AAM but more of it!!! If you can handle AAM you can handle 790. But both of them run the risk of you eating - so therefore then feeling you need to eat something you shouldn't.

Weight losses with 790 are similar to SS - so AAM would be the same losses - give or take a few ounces!


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Don't want to read and not post so i will say what I think

As a virtual beginner who is facing the daunting task of starting 790 in 2 weeks, I don't really have a lot of experience in this field, BUT what I would say is try and get into the habit of having a structured 790 meal every evening and ONLY then .. so there is no deviation from this .. have your packs at normal times and there you go .. no room for extra eating!!

Keep this structure for the next six weeks and you will be the 2nd most beautiful bride in the world (I was the first!! Hee Hee Hee!!) - Only kidding of course!!