790 Plan.


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Has anyone succesfuly lost weight on this plan for a prolonged amount of time if so how much have you lost and how quickly.
If anyone has switched from SS -790 I would be interested to hear your viewpoints.
Thanks everyone
well i use my milk for tea, m on 790, and as far as i know the yellow book is more current than the site, but im sure someone will put you right if im wrong,
I've been doing 790 for the past couple of weeks as step two of maintenance bb so can't really say how you'd fare long term.

At the CDC training day I attended last Saturday we were told that the losses would be very similar to doing SS as anything under 800 is still classed as a VLCD. When you think about it this makes perfect sense as the average woman's normal consumption is about 1900 so you would have to be burning fat on 790. Also I've still been in ketosis - can definitely vouch for that lol - have been absolutely freezing as usual ;)

As for tuna, yes you can have it - either fresh or canned in spring water. Must add that it's been great having the half pint of skimmed milk - I've been using mine to make a lovely big milky coffee..........lush. Even better next week when I move up to 1000 - really looking forward to pouring it over shredded wheat for brekkie :D
Wish I was where you are now Demon but it sounds good.
Good luck with mantinence.
Do you know anything that would mean I would not be allowed to just drink the milk?
Am thinking it may not be the best idea.
If i continue to lose around a stone a month I would make the switch.
Do you think I could switch for a few weeks and if I am not happy with the weight loss switch back to SS?
There's absolutely no reason why you couldn't just drink the milk as it comes on 790 bb.

As for switching to 790 you can do that any time you want to - your CDC might advise a week of AAM first, but lots of peeps are doing 790 very successfully 'cos it suits their lifestyle better to be able to eat with the family each evening. Likewise, if you weren't happy with the rate of weight loss there would be no reason why you couldn't move back down to SS.

That's one of the things I love so much about CD, it's very flexible - SS is only one of the programmes on offer :)
Hi Lisa.
Switched to 790 about 4 weeks ago and I am still lossing weight 3lb last week and 4lb this week,was scared I would not lose weight at first but still am.I am enjoying my milk in coffee and lookforward to an evening meal.
I started SS 3.1.06 and after first big loss was lossing about 3lb a week then had holiday in July and did not do SS 100% could not get back to it 100% and though still lossing it was slower 1 or 2 lb a week but since doing 790 stuck to it 100% and lossing more again.
If you do not mind me asking why are you thinking of changing to 790?
3 packs or 4

I have been thinking about switching over to 790 plan in the near future, just wondering...

On SS I have 4 packs cos I'm tall, would I drop down to 3 packs on 790?
Its good that you are thinking of cooking healthy meals.
It is nice haveing a hot meal in evening saying that I have just had cottage cheese salad!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a word with your CDC and see what she has to say.
How are you finding 790? Are you losing it for weight loss. Am hoping the book is more up to date.
i love 790, im using it as week two of stabilisation like demon, infact it sounds like demon and i are at the same point, there is no reason why you cant just drink the milk, people just use it to enhance things as they are used to being creative while ss`ing lol, i was really looking forward to my milk as i really missed cups of tea, especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night,
Hi guys :)

I have now been told i have to go on 790 in a weeks time. I am really looking forward to it. My will power is great and i could stay on the sole source for loads more weeks, but this is something to look forward to,food at last. I am glad listening to you all that i will still lose weight. :D

Hi Nick,

Hope it goes well you will have to keep us up to speed
Good luck.
I have spoken to my CDC he says the WL is slower but still steady at around 2lbs a week.
I am not sure if I am ready for my loss to slow down yet as I still have 4 stone to go roughly.
I may try it for a couple of weeks to see how I go.
I will see what my WI on aam brings because it could be I decide to never eat again lol.