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790 Roll Call

I thought it would be interesting to see exactly how many people were on this plan and their reasons for doing it.

I've still not officially switched yet but I did have a 790 meal yesterday which I thoroughly enjoyed.

If you have been on 790 for some time can you give us details of what you have to eat and how you find it compared to ss.


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I have been on 790 this last week after being on ss for a few months. Found i was beginning to struggle with ss.
I have been really boring with meals having tinned tuna and salad most days. I have this cause its quick and easy and stops me having to cook
Hope this thread will give me some more ideas


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I have only ever done 790, we dine out quite often and my other half said she would support me on the diet if it didn't interfere with our social life.

Saving a fortune on taxis is a bonus !
Im on it to get back to goal after maintaining for 7 months but then it cocked up a bit!
I did a couple of months on SS, using 790 to prepare for a holiday at mid point, and switched back to 790 full time a couple of weeks ago because I had started to pick. I knew I'd end up bingeing if I didn't give myself a break. Also, the strain SS put on our social life was starting to cause friction at home. I think it was the right choice.

790 means a slower loss and you still have to be very disciplined about quantities, but if it's right for you, and if it means you get there rather than struggling psychologically to be 'perfect' and giving the whole thing up, it can be great.

124lb gone (32 lb on CD.) 9lb to go and man is it clinging on...


I want to be slim !!
I did SS last yr and lost 2 1/2 stone then very stupidly went back to my old ways and put 1 1/2 of it back on in 9 months :cry:

Anyway restarted SS and managed 7 days and happily lost 7 3/4lb but was beginning to struggle so i switched to 790 last saturday, and i have to say im really happy doing it ..:D..

I love Fish and chicken so this really works for me.
Ive had chicken & Mushroom kababs once
Tuna salad which was yum!
and last night fresh haddock and a bit of green salad.
Tonight is fresh turkey and mushroom kababs..

Weigh in on saturday morning so i will let you know what my loss is.

:scale: (i'm hoping for 3lb)



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I am doing 790 as I have lost my Mojo for SSing:cry:
i have swapped over the 790 today and very excited about chicken and salad lol sure the novelty will wear off. i am 9lbs from bmi25 and was beginning to feel so depressed and crap on sole source that it seemed the best option other than giving up and ruining my good work, am hoping to shed the last 9 over the next few weeks and then move up through the plans until i am eating normally again.

hubby has also started 790 today after he admitted to me that he had been hiding his real wight loss from me, to make me feel beter WTF is that about, i am doing very well thank you, well turns out he got to bmi 25 about a week ago and so should probably already be on 790 if not 1000 so i have been shopping today and we will go from there

also, very proud moment, got a dress today in size 12 - first time in 10 years


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Well done gingernutlover - great buying clothes when you drop sizes isn't it !
i transferred from ss to 790 yesterday. Six weeks of SS was enough for me and it was starting to get me down psychologically.

Feel much more positive doing 790
I started 790 on Monday as I need to finish what I started and get to my goal weight. I ss'd for about 4 months last summer before contracting a really bad viral infection ( it had nothing at all to do with my ss-ing) and spent a week in hospital (got down to 8st 13lbs).

Had my weigh-in this evening and have lost 2lbs in 2 weeks :D
I started the 790 plan 9 days ago now and I've lost 5lbs in those 9 days so I'm very happy with that, I'm aiming for 3.5lb a week, which my CDC says is achievable. I'd been sole sourcing for 2 weeks (and had sole sourced previously) but psychologically it gets me down and I miss the taste of food. Its not that I'm hungry, I Just miss the phsyical activity of eating "normal" food! I've loved 790, my favourite at the moment is quorn chicken pieces and mushrooms stir fried together and sprinkle on some steakhouse pepper seasoning and a bit of garlic, served with lettuce, cucumber, celery and pickled cabbage :)) I'm very strict on my portion sizes for the meat, but not overly strict on the veg and salad and I seem to be doing okay! I mean how do you measure a tablespoon of lettuce?!

For anyone struggling on sole source, I'd say give 790 a try, you can always go back to sole source if it doesn't work for you! The best thing about it, is that I still see that little bit of weight loss every day, I know they say you shouldn't look at the scales every day but however hard I try not to I just can't help myself! And as my scales do 1/2 sizes, I seem to drop 1/2 lb just about every day or on those days when I've maintained, I've generally lost a 1lb the next day :) So that keeps me motivated :) The weight loss is slightly slower, but at 3.5lb a week, that's stil a stone a month and that works for me!! :)))

I think more than anything it has taken the whole 'stress' out of the diet for me, as I was constantly stressing about whether I was going to be able to achieve it on sole source, as it felt like such a long time to go without food! Now I wake up every day with a smile on my face knowing I can eat food and I'm still gonna be slim!

As the portion of meat is quite alot (175g chicken or 275g quorn) - I've also started cutting my meals in half, so I know have half my portion of chicken/fish at lunch time with a salad or veg and then the same again in the evening :)) I've been doing that for the last 3 days and the weight loss has remained the same :)) (if not slightly better!) I actually think it helps kick start my metabolism earlier by eating my first meal at lunch time :)

Anyway I'm a definate convert and feel great knowing that I won't need to sole source again :))

I shall stop waffling now!! :) Need to get some sleep and dream about shopping for size 12 clothes ;-)

Take care

Laura - cutting your meals in half is such a good idea - why didnt i think of that!!

I started 790 on Tuesday and have found it quite a struggle to get through the portion of meat/fish in the evening. Splitting it into 2 smaller meals would be much better and also make me feel like i was almost eating "normally"!

Thanks for that!

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