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  1. bo_lady

    bo_lady Well-Known Member

    Well am having a 790 week this week as my tummy is still playing up!

    I dont like milk and was wondering what u can have instead? I also dont like Cottage Cheese. Is it essential to have the milk??

    Anna. xxx
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  3. LENNY4974

    LENNY4974 Well-Known Member

    Hi Anna,

    I am cows milk intolerant so I have been having unsweetened soya milk and I've been using it to have a milky choc drink late at night.

    Some people have been having fromage frais in exchange too.

    Good luck with 790.
  4. missymoo

    missymoo Fed up of being fat

    I dont think you have to have the milk or make a substitue for it, I think you can just leave it out of the diet if you dont want it.
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  5. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Well-Known Member

    CD HQ say that you can swap your milk for some of the foods listed at the back of the yellow book, page 33 I think.

    I sometimes have a yoghurt if I dont have the milk.

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