Step 1 Sole Source + 7th day, struggling a little with both diet and this site! lol

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  1. TwitchD

    TwitchD Member

    Hi, I'm on my 2nd attempt of the diet, this time I've opted for sole source plus, as last time I quit because I couldn't mentally conquer the no food at all.

    I'm twitch(Tess) and I've been reading a lot of posts on here as inspiration, they have worked so far, I think all you guys that have been successful and those who are just starting are fab! I'm 5ft 2in and my start weight was 15st7lb... So, very over weight. It's currently Totm so my consultant has told me not to expect amazing things at weigh in tomorrow. I've been eating plain chicken breast with lettuce and sprigg onions and a drizzle of balsamic(cdc has said that's fine) and I've been drinking 4ltrs of water a day and my 3shakes. I have 100% stuck to it, so here's hoping I get a ok-ish loss!

    Hope it's ok to just join, most of you seem quite close and supportive on here!

    Hope you're all well :)
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  3. RuthG

    RuthG Gold Member

    Hello! How was your weigh in?
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  4. clairmrtucker

    clairmrtucker Member

    Hello there

    I am meeting the Cambridge consultant tomorrow to start Wednesday. How did your weigh in go? I am so desperate to loose weight but am a total food addict. I am a terrible Emotional eater. I am worrying I will be just too hungry. It's painful!!

    But I have to do it. Don't want to be the fat mum at my toddlers playgroup sports day when the parents race. Plus every other reason.

    Ruthg, I had lots of trouble conceiving for years including ivf and many operations due to severe endometriosis. If I can be of any support please just shout. I was told I would never ever conceive but yet my miracle is here. ��

    Good luck ladies x
  5. TwitchD

    TwitchD Member

    Hello ladies,

    I lost 8lb, considering it's Totm and I'm on sole source plus, I am pretty damn chuffed :D

    My start weight is 15st 7lb, I'm now 14st 13lb :)

    You can do it! You don't need to eat all that bad stuff that has put us in this situation.

    My motivation is my weekend away for a friend's bday, there is a girl going who always used ti be the slimmest and would always let you know it! However, she is now a size 24-26(she had to be measured infringement of us for bridesmaid dresses) and I'm an 18. I want to be less by the time we go away, I'm not usually a mean person, but this is defo keeping me on track. :D
  6. clairmrtucker

    clairmrtucker Member

    Whoop whoop! Well done. That's amazing. Great to meet you.

    You will look amazing

    Starting tomorrow and I am excited now!!!

  7. TwitchD

    TwitchD Member

    Good luck clairmrtucker,

    I dont know if you've done the diet before, but if you haven't, just stick with it, the first week is tough going from some and you'll just want food all the time, but resist, I'm so glad i did, it really is worth it :D
  8. clairmrtucker

    clairmrtucker Member

    Thank you twitch for your support. I am so grateful for it. I am in work at the moment trying to write my reasons for doing this. I want to look at the list everytime it gets too hard I have also put a thin picture as my lock screen on my phone lol. Any other tips?

    Thank you again.
  9. clairmrtucker

    clairmrtucker Member

    By the way, how tall are you. We are about the same weight x
  10. TwitchD

    TwitchD Member

    I'm a mere 5ft 2ins lol.

    I use the fact that I have 2 little girls, that aren't quite impressionable at the moment, so I want to be slimmed down before they become aware that mom is fat or think that it is normal and ok to be fat. I also think of the clothes I'll be able to wear in summer, instead of what will cover up all my lumps etc
    I find watching fat programmes like Supersize vs superskinny or secret eaters or embarrassing fat bodies, motivate me too.

    It's nice to be able to pop on here and see that I'm not the only one trying my hardest, and that there are tips and support :) x
  11. RuthG

    RuthG Gold Member

    Brilliant loss, well done!
  12. RuthG

    RuthG Gold Member

    How are you getting on?

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