Step 1 Sole Source + 7th day, struggling a little with both diet and this site! lol

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  1. TwitchD

    TwitchD Member

    Hi, I'm on my 2nd attempt of the diet, this time I've opted for sole source plus, as last time I quit because I couldn't mentally conquer the no food at all.

    I'm twitch(Tess) and I've been reading a lot of posts on here as inspiration, they have worked so far, I think all you guys that have been successful and those who are just starting are fab! I'm 5ft 2in and my start weight was 15st7lb... So, very over weight. It's currently Totm so my consultant has told me not to expect amazing things at weigh in tomorrow. I've been eating plain chicken breast with lettuce and sprigg onions and a drizzle of balsamic(cdc has said that's fine) and I've been drinking 4ltrs of water a day and my 3shakes. I have 100% stuck to it, so here's hoping I get a ok-ish loss!

    Hope it's ok to just join, most of you seem quite close and supportive on here!

    Hope you're all well :)
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  3. smallzie

    smallzie Member

    Hi twitch I have just re started as well couple of weeks ago!! I had to go up to 4 shakes now as just 3 was killing me! But well done to us for restarting and not giving up, we will be skinny Minnie's before we no it ;) My mum does the same step as you and lost 8lb in her first week so it definitely works!! Keep at it and we can support each other! When is your weigh in?

    Smallzie (Anna)

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  4. TwitchD

    TwitchD Member

    Hi smallzie, my weigh in is tomorrow morning, I shall up date on this thread tomorrow. How are you finding it this time round?
    I've only just started craving other foods, all week I've just got on with it and no thought about it, it's kinda getting the better of me now though :-/

    I need to just remember that I will still have lost weight, it's just water retention from Totm that'll reflect on the scales!! I don't want to be disappointed on my first weigh in though. I'm scared I will lose my will power.
  5. smallzie

    smallzie Member

    Yes please let me know! Yeah recently I've held a lot of water! Yeah it is defo harder this time round though I don't know why but it is!! Also I'm not losing as much as last time and it's frustrating me but then like I said been holding a lot of water so hoping my weigh in Wednesday will be good as I don't feel as bloated!!
    Just think when u want to eat that I've come this far i can carry on don't want to muck it up!! I try to keep myself busy my house has never been so clean lol! Just remember nothing tastes as good as skinny feels lol!!
    Try and get a outfit that u would love to get into and have that as goal. Each week if I haven't cheated I put £5 away in a jar towards new clothes to keep me motivated! Hope any of that helps. :)

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  6. TwitchD

    TwitchD Member

    So I got weighed at 8.30, I have lost 8lb, quite chuffed considering it's sole source plus and Totm! Gonna try and do this next week mainly on sole source, see if I can get my stone in two weeks :D
  7. smallzie

    smallzie Member

    Awww well done see are u glad now u didn't cheat as it has paid off!! Well done :)

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  8. smallzie

    smallzie Member

    So only lost 1lb yesterday wasn't happy at all was so annoyed had the hump! Was tempted to cheat but I didn't! Hopefully next wk is better! How are you getting on?

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