7th Week WI


Finally...Life begins
Another 3 pounds off.. taking me to a grand total of 34 pounds in 7 weeks.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

and finally got hold of the oriental chilli soup which i LOVE! tastes like a Korma to me!
Brilliant. Well done. :D

I love the oriental chilli soups too. They are really tasty and different.

34lbs in 7 weeks. Wow am seriously impressed. :)
Thats a fantastic result.

Well done.

Julie x
Well done,fantastic loss
The chilli soup is my fave
Well done Angela.... Your going great guns.

I love the chilli soup too, can't stand the other ones though bleughhhhh.

Jazzy x
Oooh well done :D :D :D

I am at week 7 too and also lost 3lbs last night (nowhere near your 34lbs in total though, that's v impressive).
Well done! that's amazing isn't it! When you think about the changes we are all going through! :)
Well done Angela you're doing really great.

Have to dissagree with you on the soup though, I really didn't like that one.