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7Th Weigh In

Hi guys just this min back from my WI, I was told this morning by pineapple that i cannot keep anybody in suspense so thought i would post quickly lol

Anyway i lost 3lb! I am very slightly disappointed but i know thats its great don't worry. Im pleased just quietly disappointed im sure you know what i mean!!

Anyway i am now in the 12s so am ecstatic at that, I am actually 4lb less without clothes too so closer to 12 and half if i look at it like that!

Feeling fab, thanks guys xxxxx:D
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I haven't yet to be honest, will do though. Been very hormonally bloated this week so i didnt expect anything major like last week.
Thanx Lizzie x
Wow 3lbs thats great that ur still losing! On some diets, after a couple of weeks the weight loss slows down to between 0.5 to 2lbs a week. Thank god we're not on those one's ha :D
If u ever feel really low about your weight loss, whats really good is , to go to the local butchers and ask him for 3lbs of fat! Its gross, and just think to yourself, thats goodbye to that 3 lbs, I'll never see that again :)
Good point novice and i've lost 34lb so far. Think the butcher would have that much in? lol xx
Hi Tracey, well done for the loss!!! In the twelves, I'm hoping to get there by next week. This is the best diet ever!!!
Aww tracy that's brilliant!!
Don't forget we're all losing around the same just at different paces, some have big and small then some have steady losses~!
A loss is a loss!
I'd give anything to be in the 12s! Well done!!

me too daisy;
last time I was in the 12s was probably my teenage years !
Tracey, well done. I'm not sure if your butcher would have that much fat. But I'm sure I can help.. I have loads of it ! U skinny Minny, ur a great incentive to us all. Keep up the good work !
Thats fab tracey. main thing is the scales r goin down and not up!! ive never been a size 12, so uve jus encouraged me to keep goin and that i CAN DO IT!!! U go girl!!
Hi Hun and very well done to you, although I think I need to check the reading on the scales when your naked;):DX
Hey hun well done - you are doing so well. You must be feeling fantastic, I am so happy for you. Here's to another good week :)
Well done, Tracy. That's a good loss, especially if you're feeling bloated. Well done.
Aww thanks guys they were all really nice posts, the more i have thought about it the more pleased i am!! You are all great support cheers xxx
You popping round then Garry?! lol x


weighs a lot less
well done tracy i go for my sixth in the morning wish me luck.Im scared every week i know its not possible put im always scared ill put on Thanks for the tip about adding extra water in the shakes ive been doing it all week hopefully it will pay off!YOUR IN THE TWELVES XX
Aww great Lillie im glad you gave the extra water a go, its been great for me! I cant believe im in my 12s its amazing...my target is somewhere in 11s so bring on the next weeks!

I know how you feel bout your WI hun its really nerve warcking but like you said you are not likely to put on, Good luck though and let us know xxx
Lol bragging i bet, good luck x
well done tracy we started the same time so i have my 7th weigh in tomor too!!! how long more u on this 4

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