8 Weeks till Wedding and Getting Depressed

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  1. Mrs Hud

    Mrs Hud Member

    Slimming World
    Hi All,

    I'm getting married on the 29th August and am still looking to lose about 2 stone if possible - I have already lost 2 stone since April 08 and have dropped a dress size but I can't see to shift anymore !!

    I'm doing home workout video's every other day (normally about an hour of intense aerobics / tae-bo) but I've still got a big belly and its embarrassing !!! I've noticed recently that (sorry to mention this) my stretch marks on my tummy have started to come out very red again - I'm petrified that this is because I'm putting weight on around my tummy again !

    I'm trying really hard but just don't feel like I'm getting anywhere - I'm wearing a size 22 at the moment but would love to be a 20 by the time the wedding comes around !

    Its having an effect on us at home - its got so bad that I'm looking for a new wedding dress even though the one I've got is beautiful ....

    If anyone can give me any advice it will be welcome !! :cry:
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  3. wannabslim

    wannabslim Gold Member

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    I'm not dieting, I'm on the pregnancy diet!
    Hi hun, have you considered doing a VLCD? You can easily lose a stone a month on that so you could get at LEAST 2 stone off before your wedding.

    I've just started Cambridge (for the second time) as I want to get slim for my dress too. Give it a think and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch!

  4. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    And don't forget you have lost 2 stone already so you have every reason to feel both proud and gorgeous in your dress, no matter what size it is x
  5. abz

    abz Gold Member

    the average loss for the cambridge diet, and other vlcds as far as i know, is one stone a month and usually a bit more in the first month. you could easily lose 2 stone in 8 weeks if you give one of these a shot, and if you are already very active you should be able to continue with some of your exercise after the first couple of weeks to stay toned.

    don't worry honey, i bet you look fabulous :)

    abz xx
  6. Mrs Hud

    Mrs Hud Member

    Slimming World
    Thanks for your replies - I'm going to have a look at all your suggestions - only problem is really money at the moment - its spend spend spend on the wedding and I don't have much money left over for things like Cambridge !

    I really appreciate all your kind words and I suppose your right I should feel proud of the fact that I've already lost 2 stone ! Sadly I've lost it in the places I didn't want to !

    My dress is stunning but show's a little too much cleavage if you know what I mean ! Don't want to knock poor old Mr Hud out when I walk in - that's really my only major gripe with the dress maybe my dressmaker can cover me up a bit !!!

    Thanks again ladies ! I really appreciate all your advice !

    Mrs Hud x:)
  7. BellyFlop

    BellyFlop Silver Member

    If you consider the amount that we all 'waste' each day on snacks, pop etc. doing a VCLD may be very affordable. Before I began LT, I made a list of the things I bought each day, coffees, cold drinks, takeaway sandwiches, newspapers, magazines, chippy meal and decided to bite the bullet....I am almost five stone down since beginning in April (12 weeks ago) and it's been the best diet ever for me....I also had to have a two week break due to illness and had to eat again on my Doc's orders and I still lost weight!

    If you can manage to find the pounds to lose the stones consider it, you will feel great. I lost 16lb in my first LipoTrim week, you could too!

    Good Luck and enjoy your wedding!:)

    Lisa xx
  8. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    There's no such thing as too much cleavage ;-)

    Well, that's what my OH says anyway.

    Don't forget, you're looking down at it so it looks more imposing from that angle.
  9. yummy

    yummy Member

    Weight watchers
    What is VCLD and the Cambridge. I'm new and feel a bit left out. Boo.....oh sorry to jump on your thread.
  10. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    VLCD is a Very Low Calorie Diet (often liquid-based) and the Cambridge Diet is one brand of VLCD. Lighterlife is another one.
  11. Mrs Hud

    Mrs Hud Member

    Slimming World
    I know what your saying about cleavage ! Mr Hud's little face lit up when I said it was v-neck and worried about my boobs popping out !!!!

    All I'm worried about is that he won't be able to concentrate on his vow's !! Ha Ha !!

    Still .... maybe I'm being a little hasty ! Its not just a quick fix I want - I need to lose approx 6 stone (obviously not before the wedding !!!! GOD FORBID !!!) to be at my ideal weight which is gonna take some time !! I went back to slimming world on Tuesday which made me feel positive and I've been working out like a nutter to Davina McCalls Power of 3 DVD - as far as I'm concerned I should have lost 6 stone overnight doing that !!!!!

    Mrs Hud xx
  12. Jensjeremies

    Jensjeremies Member of **SW Angels**

    Slimming World
    Hi Mrs H,
    Just been reading your thread and wondering how you're getting on? Have you had your first weigh in since going back to SW?
    Stay positive. XX
  13. Mrs Hud

    Mrs Hud Member

    Slimming World
    Hi All,

    Sorry I've not been around much but things have been so busy (my best mate is getting married Saturday so we've been rushing around trying to get things sorted!!!)

    I had my first weekly weigh-in after being on Slimming World for a week and I lost 3.5lbs - I was a little disappointed with it but when my mum called to see how I'd got on she shouted at me saying it a good loss !!

    What I fail to remember is that I've already lost 2.5 stone since April so I probably won't have a great big weightloss at the beginning ! I was still a little gutted as I was so determined to be slimmer of the week - its something I've never acheived before and I was really out to get it !!

    As for the wedding dress ......... I tried it on on Saturday just gone - bless me I had my eyes closed and everything when it was going on .... my best mate zipped it up and stood back and went ..... blimey !

    I opened my eyes looked down and the boy's vanished in a mountain of material !!! The boob's have finally gone down and will look lovely in the dress !! I WAS SO RELIEVED !!!!

    I'd like to lose about a stone for the wedding (just so I can eat some lovely goodies on the day!!) but after that its going to be a long hard slog to lose the other 5 stone !! Still - I'm bloody determined this time and I will do it !

    How's everyone else doing ???
  14. abz

    abz Gold Member

    that's brilliant hon!! well done. i bet you were smiling when you saw how wonderful you looked.

    and your loss is great. you've done so well so far and now another 3.5 lbs. that's as much as you lose on a vlcd, so no sniffing at that since you're eating and i'm not!! ha.

    keep on grinning babes.

    abz xx
  15. Mrs Hud

    Mrs Hud Member

    Slimming World
    Thanks Abz !

    I'm pleased with it - just gutted when you hear people saying I lost 5lbs in my first week or half a stone - I just sit there and think bugger wish I'd tried harder !!!

    To be honest as long as the dress is good then I'll be pleased !

    Was thinking about doing a sponsered slim from now on for a local charity of mine - has anyone else on here done one ??
  16. Jensjeremies

    Jensjeremies Member of **SW Angels**

    Slimming World
    Hi Mrs H,

    What a fantastic weight loss. 3.5lbs - think if it in bags of sugar.....!
    Don't forget that because you've been slimming for a while that even though it's your 'first' week back you were probably still doing some of the things that slimming clubs recommend - such as using fry light, eating low fat crisps, diet drinks etc etc. Those people who lose a lot in their first week have gone from eating unhealthy to healthy in a week and they're making such a big change that it comes off easier. Plus apparently a lof of it is water anyway.
    Keep going - day by day.....
  17. Mrs Hud

    Mrs Hud Member

    Slimming World
    Thanks Jensjeremies

    I know I shouldn't be disappointed but I was slightly ! Just the sort of person I am !

    Was nice when I got home and Mr H said he can really notice how I'm losing weight !! That made me feel slightly better !

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrr really should stop putting so much pressure on myself - that's my downfall !!

    Well SW seems to be working so I'll stick with it - lunches are difficult though - don't have much choice where I work ! Am starting to get sick of Jacket Potatoe's with Beans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mrs Hud xxx
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  19. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    What did I tell you - you'll be a beautiful bride!

    Can you take pack-ups to work - couscous with chopped veg and fruit or egg salad are two of my favourites.
  20. Mrs Hud

    Mrs Hud Member

    Slimming World
    Hi Karenlou !

    Yeah I can take bits and bobs into work but we've only got a microwave so i'm kinda limited ! But CousCous and veg sounds nice - I'll give that a go !

    If anyone else has any lunchtime idea's that would be really appreciated !

    Don't think I'm going to go for my weigh-in this week - weekend was a total wash out ! It was my best mates wedding and I drank and ate like it was my last meal on earth ! I'm back on now but I jumped on the scales this morning and according to them I've put on 2lbs ! I'll be gutted if I have ! I'm back on the diet properly now tho - checked the diary today and its just under 7 weeks until I get married now - If i can still lose a stone I'll be pleased !! If I can get to my Club 10 on Slimming World I'll be over the moon !!!

    Hope everyone had lovely weekends !!!!

    S xxxx
  21. Jensjeremies

    Jensjeremies Member of **SW Angels**

    Slimming World
    Hi Mrs H,

    When's your weigh in? Have you been this week?
    I lost 2.5lbs this week so feel really motivated now - even though I've just had fish and chips for tea! Tuesday is my 'bad' night! I've been offline for a week or so, I hope all is going well with the wedding plans.
  22. Mrs Hud

    Mrs Hud Member

    Slimming World
    Hi There ! :)

    I've had 2 weigh in's since the last time I was on here - last week I lost 1lb which I was a little disappointed with but hey ho it was a loss !

    This week I lost 3lb's which I was really chuffed about as it now means in 3 weeks back at SW I've lost half a stone ! Its really spurring me on !!

    Well done on your weight loss your doing fantastically ! Fish and Chips - god I miss them !!! Last Thursday I had a mega craving for chips so ended up going to get some - it was like I was obsessed with having them ! It was ridiculous cos I was kicking myself afterwards for days - but everyone has to have a day off now and then !

    All the wedding plans are going ok - its just under 6 weeks now and we're still sorting out menu's and decorations - I'm still deciding whether to do them myself or to just get someone else in to do them as i can't get anymore time off work !! Will keep looking into it !

    Can't wait for my dress fitting - my normal clothes are falling off me now so I dread to imagine what the dress will look like - am excited though !!

    How's your plans coming along hun ?

    Mrs Hud xxxxx
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