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8 weeks


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right this has got to stop!!!

I am sick of trying to do this and failing miserably. I am starting tomorrow and i don't care how hard it is and how crap i feel i am not giving in to temptation. i am so weak, i was going to start today but i have had lunch!!!!!!!

My hubby is home 8 weeks tomorrow, that gives me 8 whole weeks!! I weighed this morning at 16 stone 4 pounds!!! What realistically does anyone think i could lose in the next 8 weeks. If anyone had a similar start weight i would love to know how they got on in the first 8 weeks! I am 5 ft 6 as well if this helps.

I know it says 1 stone a month but have most people lost more than this!
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in 5 weeks i have done almost 2 stone.
I started at 17stone and height 5 foot 7
good luck


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if u make sure u chug down 4 litres of water a day and stick to it like mad...you'll lose at least 2 stones but more likely closer to 3 cos u lose more in first month. hubby will think hes gone in wrong house!


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TTey has just lost 5 stones in only 10 weeks so the sky is ur limit really! best of luck :D
Oh no! Wobbly .... what happened???? You were all motivated earlier - i was really sure you would do it today too. Consider your bottom smacked for giving in!! :whoopass: LOL!! :giggle:

I'm with Karen, anything is possible when you put your mind to it, you just need to get back into the zone. Go pick out something gorgeous for hubby coming home and focus on how lovely you'll look in it ... knock his socks off girl!!!

What did you have for lunch? Is it redeemable to make today like a 790 day?? Or is today a bit of a write off?? If you can, try and be good :innocent0002: for the rest of today to prepare mentally for tomorrow. You know you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 stone in 10 weeks that is amazing wow, congrats TTey wherever you are!!!

Wobbly, I too am 5'6" I have lost 22lbs in 4 weeks, my last weigh in was TOTM and only lost 3lbs (I say only but if I were doing SW or WW or any other diets that would be a complete miricle!)

So I think you can easily lose 22lbs PLUS within 4 weeks!

All the best. You can do it!!! And if times get hard, sleep and drink (water) them away x


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sonkie lost 1st 8lbs in her first week so seriously...give it ur all and amaze urself. definately agree that u ought to pick out something nice for when hubby comes home. choose what u r gonna get and then buy the right size just b4 he gets back lol. best of luck xxx
1st 8lbs, this diet is awesome. Well done Sonkie wherever you are too! lol. sooo soo good x

I agree, buy a top you really like in I'd say 2 sizes smaller (don't quote me on that) and each week you can try it on and test it for size. I'm going to buy something on Saturday for motivation. Go for it Wobbly, what have you got to lose...no pun intended :p x


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i actually assumed the item would be a se xy chemise or something for the bedroom. i must think like a tart lol. do both!!
:eek: hahaha! Nah you don't think like a tart....I'm just innocent :) lol x
Im 5'7" and ive lost 3 stone in 8 weeks, but i started out 2 stone heavier than you, but hey any loss would be good.

Good Luck, you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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