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810 diet

Hi all,

Can someone shed some light on this please? I was wondering what happens to your body when on this plan? I know on SS you go into ketosis but on the 810 you are having food. Does this mean you lose weight due to low calorie intake only or does something else happen? How much weight is realisitc in the first week? So many questions...


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Hi all,
How much weight is realisitc in the first week? ...
Realistic????, well it can vary so much from one person to another. If you go through the posts, on the many CD threads on Minimins, you will see that lots of people have their weekly weight losses as a signature to every post that they make.
This may show you how much it can vary. But fab however great or small the losses.
I actually lost more on 810 than ss/SS+ because I needed more food as I was close to goal - I also stayed in ketosis on 810 and found the protien amount huge - so I used half at lunch and half at tea - eg v small chick breast and salad at tea and a tin of tuna at lunch with a cd pack xx

810 is great xx
Ok, I should have chosen my words a bit more carefully there. I'm new to this and you'll need to excuse my novice like posting. Perhaps lack of food is affecting my language abilities?!! :eek: I meant is there a big difference between the losses people generally see with SS and with 810? I know that losses vary greatly but was hoping for some inspiration/possible examples. :confused:
Hajis-sweetie xx

Serena A

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Hi Hajis Sweetie

Sorry can't help you with losses on 810, I think most people who do it are the ones who are closer to goal so they would usually have slower losses anyway.

However do you know about SS+ as there are 2 versions of it, one which is 4 packs a day plus 200ml of skimmed milk, or the other version is 3 packs per day with a 200 calorie meal from a list of allowed foods (no milk). It works out at around 620 calories and losses average out at around 12lb per month as opposed to 14lb per month.

Hope this helps
Hey hun, generally losses on 810 over the course of 1 month are very similar to SS, maybe 1 or 2 lbs difference, if that. This is because you remain in ketosis and are still on low calories, so your body continues to burn fat xxx
Thanks for the advice. I am starting out on 810, to 'ease' myself into SS. Only doing a week of 810 though. I am doing well so far, only felt a little hungry, although i'm sure that will be different tomorrow!!

hajis-sweetie xx