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85lbs in ten months??


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C: 17st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 34.3
Hey all

So I'm new and posted a "hello" message and my second act will be to start this diary.

I'm a guy, age 29, 5'10" and 17st and I really want to be at my goal of 11st by my 30th in December. Too much to ask? Probably. But "aim high" is what they say...

11st may seem quite low but I remember being happy at that weight and I have no real muscles to speak of (although that could change should I get off my ars* and join the gym.

So I joined Slimming World online today and I know a little about it as my mum was on it for years. I doing a red day today and I realise I have very little in the cupboards/fridge/freezer that isn't full of syns so I'm a bit scared to eat anything. Must go shopping (at Asda - any ideas?). I don't mind cooking but I don't always have the time so anything I can pick up that's easy to prepare would be helpful.

Anyway I'll check back in a couple days and update anyone who's reading on how I'm getting on.

Take it easy

Jack :cool:
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hi jack welcome to slimming world and minimins good luck losing the lbs :) have a look at a few of the food diaries to give you some idea of what to eat


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Hi, I'm new too and have a lot to lose this year for health reasons, so welcome aboard!

Stock up on veggies, fruit, fat free yoghurt, pasta and lean meats depending on whether you want red days, green days or EE but I found the food diaries fab at giving me a clue what everyone else was having.


Hi Jack,

I'm pretty new to all this too and I have to say well done for making a step in the right direction :) and yes, anything is possible!

I find that green days are the easiest for cupboard things, dried pasta, pasta n sauce, rice in pouches, packet rice, mugshots etc they are so easy to make when you get in and just can't be bothered to make anything (I am prime suspect for this)

Don't know how much of a help this will be as I do my shopping in Tesco but when I do go to Asda I always buy Quorn minted lamb style grills and BBQ style fillets (both chilled) which are gorgeous and my Tesco's doesn't sell either :-(

Even before sw I've always found that the prepared fruit and veg in Asda is better than Tesco because there is more variety and things like shredded lettuce come in smaller bags that keep fresh so that's always on the list too!

I'd suggest looking in the recipe section of this sight and making a shopping list of things you like and going from there :) good luck!


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Goodluck on your first week :)
Hope it goes to plan!!

Have you managed to stock up for the week ahead?
I love extra easy days!

I look forward to seeing how you do.


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C: 17st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 34.3
Hi all ,

Thanks for the supportive and helpful comments :) It's now day 5 (Fri) and I'm weighing in on Monday.

The past few days have been good I guess. During the first 2 days I was a little scared to eat without checking the syn value of everything and deciding whether it was worth it or not. I also didn't have a lot of free food in the house so I had to go shopping and spent a lot more than I normally would but some things should last a while.

I haven't been hungry except when I had to go to London and all I took with me was a banana. 4 hours there and back and not having time to stop when I was there meant I was starving by the time I got home. I didn't cheat although I had a massive chicken and pastrami sandwich (I could barely get my mouth around it!). I ate it over the sink because I needed it right then and there!

I don't have a really sweet tooth but I'm missing the odd dose of chocolate. Most of the low syn recipes for chocolate are complicated and time consuming to make and the syn value isn't even that low so I think I'll just have a couple of squares a day of the real stuff. I've been having a couple of Müllerlights everyday and they're great in a pinch.

I've done all red days so far as I really like meat rather than pasta and potatoes but it could start to get a little expensive so I might have the occasional green day and fill up on pasta. We'll see. The reason I haven't done any EE days is that you have to fill 1/3 of the plate with superfree foods but I only really have 1 main meal a day and I can't always be bothered to include veg (and fruit?) on my plate especially if it's a small meal or snack. I think I'm gonna hav to read through this option again as if I can have all the meat, potatoes and pasta I want, it seems like having my cake and eating it too.

Syns-wise, I'm averaging around 10. I went over one day but made up for it. I drank a whole bottle of alcohol free red wine (I don't drink but I love the Sutter Home Fre wines) thinking it wouldn't be much but it ended up being 12. That'll teach me not to check before indulging.

I just realised I sound a bit whingey but to be honest I feel good. It's not really a chore as much as I thought it would be and I definitely don't go hungry but I think the thing that's worrying me is that I won't have lost anything come Monday. I made the mistake of jumping on the scales this morning to find there was no change... I know it's silly to weigh yourself during the week but I couldn't resist as my belly felt a little flatter this morning. We'll see what happens Monday and I'll let anyone who's reading know if I was right to be worried or just being stupid.

Fingers crossed... 'Til Monday,

Take it easy,

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Saddle Bags

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Hi Jack

Welcome to the site. Everyone on here is really friendly and will give you loads of good advice and you can pick up some really yummy receipes and tips.

If I could give you any tip - don't get weighed at home. Hard/impossible not to have a little jump on them I know, but really try not to, your weight can go up and down everyday of the week so really try to just stick to getting weighed in class. To prove it, my scales have always been the same as SW, to the dot. Got weighed on Monday night before class (I know I said don't get weighed at home, do as I say, not as I do -ha!) showed 2lb loss, would be happy with that I thought, get my half stone sticker. Go to class, 4.5lb off, get my half stone and SOW!!!


Welcome anyway and enjoy - it really is fab and easy.

xxx :D


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Hi Jack,

Welcome to SW. To answer your original question, yes I do think that 85lbs in 10 months is manageable (especially for a man). Its unlikely to be an easy challenge and you will have to be quite focused but I definitely think it's achievable.

I also COMPLETELY agree with Vicky (although this is a 'do as I say, not as I do' !!!) that you shouldn't jump on the scales mid week. Although I do, I have learnt (partly the hard way) just to ignore the mid week weights (which can be very difficult). My weight varies quite significantly during the week (even when I have been 100% on plan). If I have a mid week gain, despite being on plan there is a temptation to say 'oh well, it's obviously not working and eat more' and if you lose, to stop trying. I also often lose right at the end of my week. So I would try not to weigh mid week but if you do, you must ignore it.

Anyway, hope it all continues to go well.

Gail x