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8lb in 5days


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Hiya all,
Well 5 days on and 8lb lost!!:D (have a lot to loose) however, felt hungry for the first time today! had 2x shakes and 1x bar and adaquate fluids. So not sure whats going on, it's totm so wondering if it could be that? Anyway still got the will power and have overcome the urge. xXx
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Well done you!!! I think it is quite normal to feel hungry half way through first week - everyone is different. Ketosos will just be kicking in probably and when it does you shouldn't feel so hungry. Take care and keep going.
I've had a few hungry days, the first one I panicked a bit and thought that the diet might not be working anymore! Now I've got used to the fact that some days I'll feel a bit hungry (and just have an extra glass of water or two until it passes), some days I don't and have to struggle to get the 3 packs in, and some days I get the urge to nibble naughty things even though I'm not hungry in the slightest (which so far I have resisted!)
Good luck, I think it gets easier to ignore hunger pangs, keep strong!
I'm not sure if it's hunger pangs I have, quite convinced it's cravings and association wants instead. Think that's why I struggle with Sunday's, used to have a big cooked breakfast, prob go for a drive and have sunday lunch out, then come home and get 'hungry' about 8, and would share a takeaway with oh. It was just sheer greed.
But Sunday's are def the hardest for me because it's the one day I find it hard to put in place a new routine, spend most my time hiding in the bedroom watching reruns. Alas not this wk as i've tons of paperwork home to do!

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