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9/11 Where were you....

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Where were you when you first heard about 9/11?
I had only been living in the UK a month. I was at work in Brighton, and it was afternoon.
Some ladies in the office were stood behind me talking quietly. I kept hearing certain words "planes" "New York" "Awful" "Explosions", etc.
I was trying to wrk out what movie they were talking about. Stallone? Schawarzeneger? I turned to them and asked them, are you talking about a film?"
They all went quiet, and din't want to say anything. Finally they told me2 planes had crashed in to the Twin Towers. I said, "Oh my god - how bad is it? " And the said they words they said hit me, but didn't make any sense. They said, "The Towers are gone...."
I could not get my head around it and siad "Gone?? What do you mean gone?" They said they had fallen. Gone.
I thought they were a bit dramtatic, so I called my husband.
"What has happened in New York!!??" He said, he had hoped I wouldn't have hear until I got home. He told me the same thing - that the twins were "Gone." I thought what IS it with these people??
I said, thinking he too was exagerating, "So you are telling me that when you look at the skyline, you cannot see them? THat they are no more. GONE. " And he said, "yes."
I was stunned. My first thought was my brother who sometimes worked there. Thankfully - not that week. I did not know that my best friends cousin was on one of the planes. Or my other friends neighbour too.
I got through the day but my mind was not on work. My mind was trying to comprehend the two towers suddenly wiped from the skyline - erased - and what that meant and entailed.
I finished at work, got in my car, and placed the little american flag I had (for whatever reason??) in my car, in the windscreen and drove home crying all the way. Looking at other drivers, wondering if they too knew the horrors that had occured just hours before. Or if they were like I was hours before, blissfully unaware.
When I saw the news, I felt I was watching a horrible horrible movie. It couldn;t possibly be real. And when I saw people jumping, my heart ached and the tears flowed, along with most of the rest of the world. And I felt that something special in life had been lost, forever. Innocence was already lost - the world was already too far gone to say that - but something dear was lost. No one - NO ONE should have to look to their colleague and say, "Well - shall we jump??" It is unthinkable.
Like most of the world, I watched the news for days and days, read all the papers, and tried to comprehend how what happened was possible. I have never reconsciled it, and never will.
So, where were you?
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I was driving back from Ireland to Berkshire where I lived at the time. I got home about 3 or 4pm, but heard it on the car radio as it hit the news. I turned on the TV when I got home, like everyone watched the news in disbelief. When watching news reels from ground zero, it didn't compute that the sounds like gunshots were the poor people jumping from the towers. Felt so sorry for people searching for their relatives, the anguished hours of not knowing because travel and communication were wiped out. Listening to voice mails from loved ones they wouldn't see again.
I went to NY with my nephew just before xmas 2001. You could still feel the aftermath of the trauma. The heightened security. There was a jeans storenear ground zero that had glassed in the front 10 feet of the store, leaving the shelves and rails of jeans with the thick layer of ash as a memorial.
But being there could also feel that NY and NewYorkers were still very much a strong and a vibrant 24 hour city. That they wouldn't be brought down by such an atrocious attack.
i was unbelievably 13 years old, we were told nothing about it until we got home from school which i believe is wrong personally as people could have had family as i did- my uncle worked in one of the buildings next to the towers, he had to be evacuated through the horrendous dust and debris, thank god nothing happened to him, he said it was the scariest and worst moment of his life, something he probably will never get over.

BL i read an article about extremely religious people criticising those who jumped for doing so and couldnt believe it. in that sort of situation i know what i would have done and i have a massive amount of respect and sympathy for their decision.

its actually despite what happened and the sadness of it all touching to go to that area, we went last year and the proudness the new yorkers have for the heros and those who were lost is incredibly heart warming to say the least


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I was in the City of London - walking to a meeting near the Bank of England. I have to say that it was rather odd as there was very few people on the streets and those I did see were huddled together talking. I had a telephone call to let me know. I continued to my meeting with Compaq (now HP) but all we did was watch the unfolding horror on the Plasma screens in their canteen.

Terrible event planned and carried out by nasty murderous [email protected]:tards.

My thoughts and prayers are with all who perished and their families and friends.
We had popped into our local Comet and walk passed a large screen tv and I said to hubbie that's a bit of an odd film to be playing at this time in the afternoon. My words turned to total disbelief at what we were seeing.
My thoughts are with all those caught up in such a terrible thing. My mother in law passed away 11th Sept 2 years later.
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I worked at Police HQ, so we knew early on. We stood watching the tv screens in disbelief. I visited New York in 1990 and 1992 and visited the World Trade Centre. I looked at my photographs from then on Sunday.

Some of my former colleagues went to New York for the anniversary and sang. Here is a clip. You would need a heart of stone not to be moved. Its a combination of Amazing Grace and the Star Spangled Banner.

Amazing Grace/Star-Spangled Banner TOGETHER - YouTube
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i was at work and we watched it unfold on screen
so sad x
I was working as a District Nurse and I has a regular call every week, I let my self in as normal went to the kitchen to get a bowl of water, went back to the lounge and she was crying watching TV I can remember saying to her - why are you watching this film if it is upsetting you ? she said no .. it is the news :( needless to say I did the dressings on her legs on auto pilot as we both were watching the tv at the same time :(
Sad day xx
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it was my first day of secondary school, i was 11, didnt really know that it happened until i was home and it was constantly on the news. i think its all a bit of a conspiracy to be honest not everything links, but irregardless of all that, such a tragic tragic day. my cousin worked there, he was on his way to the wtc but it tumbled down before he got there and was lost for a day because of all the wreckage. rip all the gone ones but never forgotten.

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