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9th Weigh In


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Well guys im not over the moon this week!

I lost 2lb, dont know why i am disappointed as it is exactly what i predicted! Actually i do know why im disappointed, i am 1lb off losing bloody 3 stone! I might start to try weekend binges and see if that helps like some others...you know who you are lol:D

Anyway on the plus side its another 2lb gone and i am officially in the healthy bmi range now:)

To all the girls you may relate to this as the last time i lost just 2lb was a month ago if you get what i mean, pre menstrual thing maybe?

I asked about exercising and the pharmicist said the new toned muscle will weigh more but i should stick to it anyway to avoid excess skin etc and to start as i mean to go on!

Thankyou guys, Here goes week 10 xxxxxxx:D
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weighs a lot less
if you were naked you would have already done the 3 stone !! 2lb that is still a loss and you should be very proud of yourself as you havent cheated at all .Have your samples arrived yet hun? xx
Like you said, thats still 2lbs gone, well done! What plan are you following?


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Cheers Lil, youre right naked im 12st 2! No they havent arrived yet, i was excited this mornig when the postman came...with nothing for me!! Did it not knock you out of ketosis at all? xxx


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Tracey well done!! Thats fab, nearly 3 stone, how fantastic is that, you will deffo be beating that target by next week hun and DONT YOU DARE start the bingeing, I count on you to be strong your keeping me on track this week! LOL! Your toned muscle will deffo be weighing more as well, have you measured yourself this week. I woudl deffo rather look toned and weigh more than be light and flabby. Your doing brill, keep up your excellent work.

How tall are you again?


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Aww thanku honey that was really nice! Dont worry i am very strong, prob enough for both of us lol
i do feel a lot more toned but havent lost any inches this week.
Im 5ft 9 hun! xxx
Nice one honey thats a good loss, such a shame your 1lb short of goal:D:D:D:D. xx


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Thankyou xxxxxx
Hiya Tracey,

If its any consolation ive only lost 2lb this week and im only on week 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i seemed to have slowed right down but tracey 2lb is 2lb hun its still weight off Girl done good !!!!!!
Hi Tracey, well done for the 2lbs loss, our bodies are funny things. You cant predict what it will do next. You inspired me with your weight ins. I guess that Y I'm running after you in the weight loss area. We can do it!!
hi tracy,
well done on the 2 pounds!........you're SOOOooooo close to goal!!
i can COMPLETLY understand that you were gutted not to get that extra pound to make it a 3 stone loss.....this week i lost 3 pounds and if i had lost just one more pound i would have lost 5 stone.... i am consoling myself by telling myself that next week i will have achieved the 5 stone plus be into my 6th!
you however will be into your last few pounds - EVEN BETTER!!
plus once your tummy has "settled down" you'll be lighter and feel lighter!
roll on next tuesday!
Thankyou so much guys i feel loads better now! Just been shopping and borrowed my mums size 14 jeans!! They fit lovely!! I felt really nice in them and didnt really care about what i weighed:D
hey well done tracy, fantastic losses all the way so don't you dare be disappointed with this weeks! You are an inspiration, so stick with it :)
thankyou daisy, i definitely intend to stick with it xxx
well done tracy from a newbie,i think you've done great and are right where i wanna be. i think the pre menstrual thing is gonna make you retain fluid so next weigh in you'll have lost more and be past your 3 stone loss wooooo hoooo roll on next week xx
Thankyou deb, i prob am retaining fluid and havent been drinking enough water this week so even more likely! Wearing size 14 top and bottom today though!!! xx
Cheers hun, you have done double wicked Lol literally xxx

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