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9th weigh in

I can't believe I have completed 9 weeks SS and have remained 100% true all that time...
I had my weigh in this morning... and I was a bit dissapointed as I lost 2lb for the second week running!
However it brings my total in 9 weeks to 33lb so I am actually pleased....

I wonder if the heat makes you retain water maybe or if I am being tested BIG TIME!!!
Well if so, and if anyone is listening to me... I WILL NOT give in!!!
2lb is 2lb and I WILL be proud of that 2lb!!
But I still I hope I get a biggy soon!!!! :D

as for my stats.. I am so happy because....
I have lost in 9 weeks as follows!

Waist 6.5":D
Hips 5.5":D
Thighs 2.5":D
Arms 2" :D
Bust 4" :D

Not only that but ont he hottest day of the year so far, even though I have had to drive to Somerset and back, I can confirm that for the first time since forever I have enjoyed the heat and the sunshine!!!!

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This is the last time!!
Brilliant news, all of the smaller numbers soon add up as your 9 week total confirm. Well done you!


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Well done Tilly and dont be disheartened because you've been 100% and its what you do between WI's that count! , maybe that 810 week coming up soon will give you the metabolism boost you need!

edited to add- Just noticed your inch loss! thats amazing!!


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Well done on the inches and the pounds, Tilly. The bigger pounds are just keeping you in suspense - it's a good job they know you won't give in! :D


can see the end in sight!
Well done Tilly and dont be disheartened because you've been 100% and its what you do between WI's that count! , maybe that 810 week coming up soon will give you the metabolism boost you need!

edited to add- Just noticed your inch loss! thats amazing!!
well done Tilly! i had the same thing in week 9/10/11/12 - 1.5 - 2lbs losses, then i had 810 week and they picked up again. sometimes thats all we need to boost it.

2lbs is great though and your inch loss is fab! x
Well done Tilly-you're doing really well. My official weigh in was rubbish-not even 1lb, but that's why I hate being weighed at 4pm. Water weight, totm, clothes and shoes-you name it everything conspired against me today! I'm still happy though because my own scales gave me an almost 4lb loss (obviously before totm became more of an issue, lol!) I always take what my own scales say, so I'm happy!! My CDC's scales might show a good loss next week, while mine show a lot less. I'm happy with my 39lbs (nearly) in 11 weeks. Got my 810 week next week.
Thanks girls....
You lot are so wonderful!!
I am not disheartened really... just miffed.... we get greedy don't we??
I am not going to do an 810 week to boost because that could be disasterous for me at this point in the diet, I am still having areas where I have not addressed food issues, so am happy to weight till week 12/ 13 gosh, not long now!
I always look at certain peoples weight losses (curly for example :) ) and am always inspired, but Curly had a couple of 2lb losses too... liek you said it's the overall amount that matters and I am still above CD's average loss!


can see the end in sight!
exactly tilly! you are well above the 14lbs per calender month they say is average so thats what matters!


Going for Goal!
Well done Tilly - you have done amazingly well with 33lb in 9 weeks.

Don't disheartened at 2lb losses - I bet your body is just catching up and you are loosing the inches.

Well done angel x x x
I completely understand how you feel tilly. I feel the same. I would love a big woosh once in a while but dont seem to be getting it. Even so, I will stay with it all the way. my losses are stuck on 3,3,3ish. We really do get greedy, your right. Really, we should be taking each week as a lesson (more than a weigh in) and confront our food issuses.i know i still have many too.

But 2 lbs is a fine loss. Good job!!!!


WILL be Slim!
well done hun! 2lbs off is 2lbs of pure fat!!!! your doing super hun so keep up the good work!

The sun is certainly a lot nicer when there is weight loss in the equation! :)


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Thanks hun! Thought I'd see what they looked like side by side, and was rather pleased!



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Well done Tilly. You have done fantastic and stayed 100% for 9 weeks. Thats an achievement in itself.
Good luck this week. xx


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You look great Sarette !! What an inspiration
Thanks Girls....
I am sooo motivated right now!

I will absolutely not give in, am now hoping for a 4lb next week but am not holding my breath....


Cambridge Consultant
Hey hon
Just wanted to say WELL done........... 2 lbs is a great loss still on week 9.. you are doing so well.. As you know a few weeks in a row I lost 2 pounds and then the week after I had a 5 & 3/4 loss.....
Your doing fab.. Im always pleased with a 2 pound loss espeically this far on the diet....
Keep smiling hon your doing so well............... and we will get there... we will get there.
Keep smiling and I am pleased to hear you enjoyed the hot weather.. Im loving it too..

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