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A and B!


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No Gem, you should have the A's and B's as stated on your plan, sadly you can't exchange them for something else ...

Red/Green - 1 or 2 A's (milk cheese etc), 2B's (bread cereal etc) - If you don't choose to use both A choices, you lose it. You really should use both B choices as they are there for our 'nutritional health'

Easy - 1 A, 1B

If you are doing red/green and only using 1 B choice, perhaps you should look at trying the Easy plan?


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what was her view on it Gem? I am new to this and keen to hear what folks think on adaptions lol. I am doing ee plan so only allowed 1 A & B


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Oh thanks for that, I sometimes don't use my A & B choice and it is nice to know I can use it for other things if needed.


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i was told that each option is 6 so if i needed this as extra syns i could.

I have to say, I've never heard that before!!!
Not all HE B options actually are 6 syns either, some are less. The HE B's are there for a reason.....to get a daily allowence of fibre which if you are using as syns on something else, you won't be getting....I'm interested what others have to say on this.
Surely if this was an option, it would be in the book?


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I've not heard this before - I've been told that you MUST have both your healthy b's - you can manage on only one A, but both b's are important.


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I have to say that I am shocked by what your consultant has said too :eek:

I have been told that you should use your Healthy Extras as prescribed, and that substituting them would not be following SW - indeed you would be likely to be swapping them for something less 'healthy' - the whole reason for HE's is to balance the plan nutritionally, adding fibre (red days) or protein (green day) to create a properly balanced diet :eek:

That said, if it works for you ...
Really sorry to be the bearer of bad news here but that can't be done hun. The healthy extra's are to provide you with the right amount of calcium (a's) and fibre (b's) and although the majority of healthy extras total 6 syns each they can't be switched to use of anything that isn't listed on the healthy extra pages of your book.


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Maybe your consultant has misunderstood something along the way. Healthy A's and B's are to help our bodies. Anything else would digest differently and may cause weight gain rather than aid weight loss and weight maintance.

I don't think anyone thinks you are lying Gem. you would have no reason to. Maybe just that you have been misinformed.
Aw Gem no-one thinks you're lying but to follow that advice could possibly lead to a gain or a weight change you're not happy with. Like the prev post says it's probably just that your consultant misunderstood what you were saying.

Just to clarify a's and b's are a recommendation but not a necessity x


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Oh lord, I dunno n think sum1 else should ask their consultants lol

I see both sides - hmmmmmm


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angelslice is a consultant x
Thanks for your replies, i am concerned how different leaders give different information as mine and my mums give different views! I dunno what to do now!
Hi Gem, My concern is that if everyone started taking a hex as 6 sins they would not be getting a balance of protein needed. If I had my way I would use it as sins, but then I would just eat rubbish such as chocolate and that obviously wouldnt be balanced at all. It makes sense to me not to use them as sins, and if needed to use flexi sins. i do agree that it is a pain that we are getting different views but thought Id have my say. Tracey x


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I agree with Lentil. Anything that can be done is in the books. If it does not say it, I would say it cannot be done. It concerns me also that there are differing answers from consultants. This could ultimately lead to people thinking they have failed at SW, simply because their consultant gave incorrect info. maybe SW should address this. Do they have regular training updates?
Yeah Sophs, there is always training for consultants and we're always updated with the very latest info to pass onto members. It's actually second to none but i truly believe there isn't a consultant out there who would say a HE could be substituted for syns. Me saying that doesn't mean I think you're making it up Gem, it just means the consultant must have misunderstood what you said.