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A big big thank you to you all.


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Just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has posted anything that inspired me or replied to any of my threads and posts.
I'm jumping ship to Weight Watchers. There are two reasons:
1. I managed three weeks, went to a concert, lost it all and just cant get back into it again.
2. I just cant afford it. I've spent months piddling about, jumping on and off the wagon, spending the money and not doing it properly. Finances are so tight in our house just now and we've still got to find the money to go away for a few days at the end of the month its not fair that the others struggle.
Anyways, thats it in a nutshell. Thank
you all so so much. I've got the WW books from a previous time i did it, so i've read them all through to remind myself. I've only got 12lbs to get to goal so hopefully by the end of the summer hols i could be almost there.
I'm sure i wil pop in as the posts will still be inspiring.
Good luck to each and all getting to your goals.
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it must be hard to stay motivated so close to the end hun, and i know you will do what's best for you, but if you could only get your head back in the right place, that weight could be gone in a matter of weeks! I feel for you hun, my best mate only wants to lose 1 more stone, and she just cheats constantly becuase her head just isnt in it!
I hope you find what your after with WW, but personally, i would recommend a low GI diet following CD rather than a diet that allows you to eat silly amounts of carbs....just be aware of the glycogen gain at first
Wishing you all the best hun and hope that you still come on here and let us know how your getting on!
Thinking of you



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Good Luck Mollydog ! I am sure you will have those 12lbs off soon xxx


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WW has a low Gi plan which may be a better option than points. good luck and i understand

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Awww Molly, I'll miss your positive posts on here. Good luck, you'll do really well I'm sure xxx


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Molly, so sorry to lose you - you will be missed! Please keep checking in and let us know how you are going. You'll get there hon, and as others have said, try for low GI to start with s your body has a chance to adjust. Good luck and so long!



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S: 14st11lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.56%)
Stop being so nice!!!!!
I know i could lose it in just a few weeks but its the money as well. I kinda thought that doing a careful WW diet I could maybe get through the present money issues and come back at the end of the summer.
Bl**dy H*ll, its only 12 lbs, how difficult can it be!!!!
I'm going to up the exercise and hit the salad etc, i suppose i'm really just moving up the plans, i do have about 20 packs left. I didnt want to use them half heartedly thinking i could get rid of the last half stone by going back on again.
Now that I've read that it just seems a big skitter!
I'll have an early night and see how i feel in the morning.
Thank you all.


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Good Luck mollydog xxx Make sure you keep us up to date xx

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