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a birthday meal

can anyone help my BF birthday is in september so on the 12th his parents are coming to see him (don't come all that often 4 times a year )
they have booked a hotel and meal out for us all
question is what would be the best thing to eat for a one off meal
then back to shakes
debz x
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The best bet is to refeed for a week before as you will probably want a drink as well, and then stick to something safe like steak and salad with new pots or something similar


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If you are thinking of eating at all you must refeed otherwise you will just be undoing all the good work you have done and totally jepodise your future on TFR, ie it will be harder to get back into, you need to stay structured, i know people who have just said sod it ill have the meal and then just start back on sachets the next day, but believe me its not that easy and you will find that after that meal you will just shovel down anything you can find, if you want to eat it has to be controlled
Oh ic hmmm this is not something i wanted to do but if needs must to stay on track i will look into it
thank you very much
debz x


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Is there any way you might avoid coming off the programme??

I totally agree with what Katy has posted above. I did refeed before my hols -something I had intended not to do - but it was worth it as despite 2 weeks of relatively healthy eating but not so healthy drinking, I only gained 3.25lb (I could gain that in a day pre-LT). However its so much harder to get back into it now. I had, unrealistically, toyed with just continuing on TFR for the 2 weeks but knew it wouldnt work.

Some people can hop on and off the LT train but for most its hard work and effects their losses, in the long term you are confusing your metabolism which is why refeed is the most important part of this diet as it avoids this.

If it were me I would take what ever grief there is for one night and stick to the diet. I expect you will get some stick but also many compliments on your weight loss.

Good luck with whatever you decide!
I'm very much an advocate of not coming off the programme. I'd advise sticking to black coffee/tea and sparkling water :)

for a one off meal, that WILL happen again it's not worth it in my book.

But, if you feel you really want to then yes do a decent refeed and stick to something like plain steak/chicken/fish and some veg/salad - no carbs.

Good luck - you can have a lovely evening without eating though, so just think about it ;)
I'm just gonna echo Elle-Emm. I've broke it for occasions before and the cravings that followed were psychological torture. This time I'm breaking for nothing nor no-one. Remember this is for you and as Elle says, you can have a good time without food so maybe do think about sticking with it.
I just keep telling myself these occasions are about spending time with people, not the eating itself... yeah it's not always what you'd rather be doing, but it gets you to goal quicker, lol :)

I agree that you'd need to re-feed. But, I think for one meal it's not really worth it. No one else will really care that you're not eating; as it doesn't really impact on them & you'll be so much better off; it's difficult to get back onto LT once you've strayed from the programme & at the very least you'll be slowing down your losses.

Good luck with what you decide!


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