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A bit about me

Hi everyone - thought I'd introduce myself - I'm 36, from Devon, and have a little boy aged 6 months. Since having him it's made me re-evaluate my life, and my weight problem. I've been overweight for years now, so long that I'd just got used to it, I know I'm big, but you know wot, when I look in the mirror I don't think I saw myself as I really was, maybe I didn't want to see - I have tried, and failed, for yrs now on and off to lose weight, I have a wonderful husband, who loves me no matter wot weight I am, but it's not enuf, I don't love me inside, up until about the last 6 months my weight has never really been a problem, I don't think I'm ugly and have always dressed trendy for my size, but I have to admit that I don't feel gud about myself anymore, I feel like I've let myself go, so I'm gona lose weight for my baby son AND myself. I don't want to be one of those Mum's who can't do anythin with her child, I want to be able to take him for long walks, take him swimming, play with him, take him for bike rides etc, my hubby can't do those things cos he's disabled and physically can't, so it's up to me. And I no how kids can get, they're cruel, I don't want my son to be known as the 'kid with the fat mum' - so I've gota get off my ass, so to speak, and do sumit about it. I weighed in 3 wks ago at 19 stone, and today I weigh 18 stone :D I'm kind of following the slimmin world plan cos I can remember it from yrs bak, and a work colleague has lost over 3 stone on it and she's givin me advice. My hubby is also doing the plan as he needs to lose weight too, funily enuf, we both weighed in at 19 stones and have lost the same! I have A LONG way to go, I no it ain't gona be easy, but from wot I've seen of this site so far, I no that there's ppl here who can help, guide and advise me. I look forward to chattin with u and swapping stories. That's about it from me for now, take care and gud luck to you all in ur quest to get fit and healthy xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Hi Angel - welcome and well done to both you and your husband on each losing a stone.

You are losing weight for the right reasons ......... and I'm sure you'll soon be swimming, cycling etc with your little boy.

Good luck - and there are loads of inspirational stories and photos on here. Also come on and post to give yourself motivation.
Thanks for your comments Bev, I'm just gettin acquainted with the site, it's fantastic, I'm so glad my friend gave me the link to this place, it has very gud vibes :) I will post and have a gud look round, once I've found my way there will be no stopping me ;)


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Hi Angel, thanks for giving us a little insight into your life. The slimming world plan is great, it fits in so well with family life. Keep posting especially when you feel you may be about to cave in, that really helps stopping the munchies. Looking forward to watching your lbs fly off.
Thanks Happe - I'm fine during the wk, it's the weekends that are hard, well Saturdays really, cos I'm so busy and don't get chance to eat most of the day, then I'm so hungry come tea-time that I eat stuff I probably shudn't!!
i know exactly how u feel hun. Ive been doing SW from home but im looking to join classes asap as im sick of wasting time.

Its great to see that you want to loose weight for URSELF as well as your son!

good luck!

Thanks for ur post Akeli - it's great to be able to get to a class cos it does spur u on knowing u have to weigh in each wk, and maybe get slimmer of the wk and stuff - but I can't get to class so am weighing every monday mornin from home, it's not so bad - I've had one slip up which was last nite - hubby brought a chinese home for valentines lol, first one in ages tho, and I hadn't eaten anythin 2 days prior cos Ive had the sickness and diarrhea bug ewwww - anyway back on track now, hope ur doing well too :)


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Hi Angel,

Congratulations to both yourself and your husband for losing a stone in three weeks!

I think your lucky to have your husband doing the diet with you as this does make it much more easier in the long run and the two of you will be tremendous support for one another.

This is what I have found as myself and husband started off together...Mind he only had one and half stone to lose, but still by both of us watching our diet and becoming aware of what we buy, how we cook and what we eat, I feel we have made some major changes.

I think being patient with yourself is vital and to make good choices both for yourself and your family.

I hope you have taken before photos of yourselves and done your body measurement as it is good to have these for your own personal records.

Sorry to hear you and the children have not been feeling well, it is at times like this it can be very draining and difficult to stick with a diet plan, but all you can do is your best.

Hope your all back in form soon.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Mini - u no I didn't think of takin pics, but I will, that's a great idea, as I've seen some of the before and after pics on here and they are absolutely AMAZING, truely inspiring! My hubby only has to lose a couple of stone aswell, and only off his belly lol, why is it that the guys always get away with that lol, us girls have to lose it 'all round' lol, anyway ur rite, it's great that we can support each other - I'm lookin forward to gettin the next stone off - I'd like to be alot slimmer by the summer as I'm fed up with bein hot and sticky and me legs rubbing together he he - chat soon, happy slimming :)

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