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A bit afraid to write this up...


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:mad::cry::confused: :sigh:

yep u guessed it :break_diet:
i fell off the wagon

And i'd only started.

school tour today and i didnt know how to go about avoiding the meal in front of all other teachers and i ate it. And to make matters worse I ate again when I got home. GUILT is eating me alive. I dont seem to have the willpower to do this this time. Am i even allowed be on this forum if I cant make it through the first week.

I want so much to lose my spare tyre and be proud of myself and look great in clothes and all the rest but i am almost letting myself fail by being so afraid I wont succeed anyway.. I'm sorry.. i'm just so disappointed in myself. I figure at least here there are some people who will understand. I intend to start again tomorrow.

Any tips or hints on how to keep motivated and how to keep going even through the hard times (like before u see any results!!)

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Right....first stop feeling guilty, it's done.....Now drink lots of water tonight, no more food and go again from tomorrow!

You feel bad and realise you'll feel better with the fat gone, so do something positive and have a real go at this....If you REALLY want this, you can do it!

Lisa xx
Dont worry luv just start again 2moz and dont ever be frightened to write on here thats what we are here for not just to congrats when people have lost weight but to help when people get into a spot of bovver good luck 2moz its new day x


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S: 14st1.0lb C: 12st2.5lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 1st12.5lb(13.45%)
Thanx girlies.
Here's to tomoro.


Just start again tomorrow with a clean slate, drink that water & if you're tempted again to cheat, just remember how bad you felt when you did cheat & don't do it again !! LOL !!


weighs a lot less
dont ever be afraid to write anything on here,you may get a telling off sometimes but it might be what you need to spur you on,the first week is hard hun,but so worth it stick to it hun,you can do this ,tommorow is another day and it could be the start of your new thin life xx


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line drawn under.

Don't do it again... if you feel low come on here & there are plenty of people here to cheer you up & inspire you... remain focused, watch the LT vid again.... remember why YOU are doing this.... write down the reasons why if it re-emphasises it...



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Agree with all the above. Loads of water, maybe a really nice bath with all you 'special' stuff! Go and buy yourself a mag.....one that has the title 'Celebs getting fat!!!!' then make yourself a lovely black coffee and take it to bed....sounds like the perfect night to me!!

Chin up and forget about today. Just focus on tomorrow and the next week and i promise, once the first week is over it will be plain sailing. good luck xxxxx


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Lil is right hun dot ever think you wouldnt be welcome here no matter what! Just get straight back on the wagon and stay positive! As howdy said...line drawn under xx


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Tomorrow is another day. :):):)
I can emphasise completely, we had an inservice day last week, and I had to slope off at lunch time to avoid eating in front of people. If like me you can't bear to tell those you work with, this is what I do.
Try to plan some excuses beforehand next time - stomach feeling dodgy - this is a good one, you can claim you need fresh air and then go for a walk and your shake! Or a big meal that night, and take a tetra pak with you, they can be gulped down really quickly.
It may sound ridiculous to some, but doing this diet in front of others can be the worst part.

Anyway, onwards and downwards - fresh start tomorrow - good luck!:):):)


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PS - Meant to say - well done for 'fessing up, that in itself is hard to do :):):)


Eloquent hooligan
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It may sound ridiculous to some, but doing this diet in front of others can be the worst part.
I felt like that at first but now I'm as blatant as can be about it :)

Had a good discussion with my work mates about it the other day & explained about ketosis & how fragile it was. Bits about glycogen storing & carbs

I also explained that I wasn't surviving on 500 calories a day but also on the energy from the fat I am burning off.

Also the benefits of flushing out your body with 4 odd litres of water & antioxidants like green tea...

Said that the shake packs contained more nutrients & minerals than I had been taking in from my old diet .

Also explained that it was more than initial weight loss (which is what the TFR period is) but a resetting of food expectations & tastebuds.

Had quite a rapt audience around me.... then they went back to eating someones leaving cakes... :rolleyes:

Can but try eh...
Hey smurfette, i'm new on here and just wanted to say that all my friends at work are fascinated with the diet now and say it's like a science lesson with me mixing stuff and having various bottles around our office!!!! don't be embarrassed.......and don't do the guilt thing.... tomorrow's a new day hun x
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Hey Lovely

Ther have been a couple of times today when i also nearly fell off the wagon. This diet is so much harder than I ever imagned, but you are doing it for a reason - To feel good about yourself.

Pick yourself up, have an early night and start again 2moro.

A new day, a new outlook!
Just found this Smurf song:D

If you got a problem, if you're feeling lonely
everything is smurfing wrong
Try looking on the bright side, smurfing on the right side
troubles will all soon be gone

If you got a long face, don't be such a disgrace
faces shouldn't be so long
Try to smurf it better, forget the story weather
by whistling a happy song


Says it as it is!!!
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Your first week is the hardest...but if you EAT and CHEAT...LT will not work!
You need to drink loadsa water! Stop feeling sorry for yourself, you made the desicion to do this diet...And i am sure you were told the first week was the hardest!
LT is hard to get back to if you start eating.... its very hard to get back into the mind frame..although today probably wont make a difference as it is your first week...it will if you eat in future!
LT is a total food replacement
So drink lots of water, have an early night, walk out of the room if people eating gets to you lots of baths.
Positive Mental Attitude - if you think you will fail you will, if you think you will will succeed you will...its all about mind games with food and positive attitude!!!! DO NOT LET FOOD WIN!!!
Start LT, drink shakes, forget food and be slim!


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lol did you buy the smurf song when it came out then gaz

smurfette to dwell on it will only make you feel negative so start again amora with renewed strength
Bought it....I sang it lolx


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Am loving the smurf song Garry!!!!!!!

Smurfette, you may have fallen off the wagon but there is no point over-analysing it after the event. As Nicki says, LT won't work if you don't stick to it and the first week is by far the worse, it does get better after that.

Remember how bad you feel now, horrible isn't it? Do you want to feel this bad again? No, of course you don't! Make a new start and this time when you feel down or in a position where you could cheat, remember today and that will help you resist.

INSET days are the worst! Next time, tell your colleagues you have some work to do and will join them later! When you do, if anyone says anything, tell them you had something to eat in your classroom (not a lie, you will have had your shake/soup/flapjack) and don't feel hungry anymore!!!! Job done!!!

One of the reasons I have a flapjack for lunch is it is very subtle and no-one really notices when you sit in a comfy chair in the staffroom and nibble!!! They certainly didn't yesterday!!!!

Good luck.



soon to be minnie mouse
S: 11st0lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 0st10lb(6.49%)
lol next you'll be telling me you were one of the wombles gaz, you wern't were you?

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