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A bit depressed all round really

Sorry girls and boys but I am a bit down about this whole diet thing at the minute.
I have been on cambridge since may and if I had stuck to it then I am sure that I could have hit my target by now - but you all know how the best laid plans go?
So I lost 3 stone 5 lbs and got to 13 stone 9lbs Then lb by lb it was getting harder for me.
So I have been on a break from the diet and am back up to 14 stone. Not seen my CDC for about 2 months as she was on holiday and then i was on holiday. Maybe this is why i am so disheartened.
One of my colleagues is following the diet too but I find that rather than encourage my weight loss and support me that she rubs my face in the fact that she is almost at target. (this is probably all in my imagination).
Loads of other stuff going on at the minute too - stressing out about the fact that we still haven't managed to sort out a mortgage and are still in our shitty flat. My OH is still working away - really miss him and hate being on my own (comfort eating is so much easier when nobody is about to see it).
Just feel crap all round and feel that all i want to do is sleep and eat.
I know i am very lucky to have just come back from a wonderful couple of weeks holiday but it really hs brought me back to earth with a bump.
Any advice on how to get my act together?
Trying to get back on the wagon but really struggling.
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Oh hun, its bound to be difficult when you've got other stuff going on in your life too. And you're right comfort eating IS so much easier when no-ones around to see it! Hence i struggle to stay focused when my OH is on nights.
Try to stop worrying about the fact that you're not at target yet and look at how far you've already come!! You've done sooooo well! 3 stone is a hell of a lot to lose in such a short period of time.
I'm sure you'll get there hun. *BIG HUGS* Hope you feel a bit better about things soon. x

Mrs V

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Hi Peachy....huge hugs!!!

It really is hard when your OH is away, as you start to comfort eat to compensate for them not being there.
You have done really well. So what if your colleague is almost at target - you know that you can do it and you will do it again.
You really don't have that far to go Hun.

Take care



I will get to goal .....
Hey Peachy,

Sorry to hear you are having a pants times at the mo. Why not set yourself some min-goals/mini targets to get yourself back on track (see my signature!). I find by dealing with things bit by bit I make more progress than focusing on what I have to achieve overall - iykwim!!

If your OH is working away I would set some small milestones for yourself to stick to while he is gone - and think about his reaction when he gets back to find you slimmer and back into the swing of things.

C'mon hun, you can do it. Just get your head back in the right place ;)

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Hi Peachy

I know exactly how you are feeling. I had a terrible 5/6 weeks where I just wasnt focused on the diet and was sticking to it for a couple of days then bingeing. I weigh roughly the same now as I did 6 weeks ago because I just couldnt get focused.

Ignore how well your friend is doing. You have to make the right decision for you. If you are not strong enough to diet you have to at least make sure you dont regain what you have already lost which is absolutely fantastic by the way.

if your head isnt in the right place then you wont lose weight no matter how hard you try. I made the decision to switch to WW and am so glad I did as I have finally got my head back in the zone again.
Im not saying you need to switch your diet, but if SS isnt working you need to look at something else - either a higher plan on CD or something different.

Also, if your OH is away a lot, couldnt you take up an activity or go to the gym in the evenings so you are not sat at home torturing yourself with thoughts of what you have in the fridge.

Good luck Peachy. I hope you find your mojo again soon.
Cheers guys,
Just need to get my head in the right place and make it happen.
I know it works if you stick at it so just need to go for it


I will get to goal .....
That's the spirit chick ;). Great mini-goals too :D
I found i was feeling like that , then i failed and felt worse !!! im sure as our bodies are changing with the diet we get mixed emotions ! keep at it you can do this.
as for a mortgage ..... ours is with northern rock .... and someone my hubby works with who didnt get a cat in hells chance of getting one secure his first ,ortgage with northern rock . they may have had probs recently, but our mortgage is going fine and they are giving them away ..... gets you on the property ladder might be worth a try .

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