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A Bit Down In The Dumps ...


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Well, im just into my 6th week on LT and up untill now have felt pretty damn good on it :) but today for some silly reason i'm stressed out and feel like curling up on the sofa with a big bowl of crisps and munching ... obviously i am not going to but i hate this feeling of being 'down in the dumps'! :( At the minute, i am feeling pretty alone - iv not got a good social life, havnt been out in over 6 weeks (i know that this is a small price to pay for being slim!) and i am dreading this weekend - usually i love my weekends and love a nice saturday evening in to myself but i want this week to last - iv so much uni work to do and i am sooo stressed out :cry: all i want is crispssssssssssssssssssssssss

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Fat Fighter!!!!
(((((((HUGS))))))) awwww hon, we all get these days! Just grab a pint of water instead and think of it as your fat melter! If you eat the crisps I bet you will only feel worse - I promise you, then it snowballs cos you think yo yourself "Oh well I have had some crisps I may aswell have some choccy and it goes on and on" in my experience anyway! You have had huge losses, and deserve a medal, keep up the good work babe :0) xxx

Oh hope you're feeling better soon you're weight loss is inspiring especially to us new comers keep going, keep smiling xxx:party0011:


Here we go again!
Sorry to see you're having a down day. I get those too, not too often but when I do I want cheese or anything savoury. You'll get through it, we always do. Keep up the good work, you have done so well up to now and remember, not long to summer, woohoo!


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Your doing great! Keep going and keep thinking of how pleased you will be at your next weigh in. Have you any ice chips? Munch on some of them for a while!



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Awww you guys are ace - thankyou!!! :)
I would never cheat on this diet i just dont see the point its just in the past on days like this i would veg out and munch myself silly!


My husband = My hero
Ello angel cake!! Bless ur little socks, i know exactly how u feel, itsw like u hit a wall an think, whats teh point, it seems everyone else is havin so much fun, an ur stuck ion a crappy diet with loads to do an not enough time..

but keep the bigger picture in focus, u can have all teh fab weekends you want wen ur a sexy skinny supermodel!!!

and your social life wil rocket...

keep ur chin up babe, am here for a chat whenever u want

loads of loves xxxxx


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Aw lauren you've just managed to whack a smile on my face :)
Thinking of the bigger picture is the best thing for now thankyou sweetcheeks :D xxx


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Was thinking about this some more! You say " in the past I would just veg out and munch myself silly on days like these" (as would I)

But that is it! We need to change what we do on days like these! It is that reaction that got us into the fat states that we are in! Unless we start NOW, thinking differently then we will just end up back here again! We need to start brain training NOW!


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I totally agree sara - it does need to start now :)

Have cheered up a little bit but all i wana do is curl up and sleep now! Thinking of all this work i have to do is stressing me out, making me irratable and not a nice person to be around at the minute ... ok now i am just feeling sorry for myself! lol
chin up your doin well jus stick to it

it will be over before you know it


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Aw thanks muffin!

I have just had someone i havnt spoke to in a while write on my facebook wall saying how well i am doing and that has just cheered me up some more!

I think its an early night to bed for me - sayyy 7pm ... loves it! lol

Thanks again guys xx


My husband = My hero
Aw lauren you've just managed to whack a smile on my face :)
Thinking of the bigger picture is the best thing for now thankyou sweetcheeks :D xxx
Any time princess ;)

an failing that, come up an see me, we can lock ourselves away from all things fun an yummy together ha



♥3 Years Maintaining♥
sounds like a plan!! my brother is living in liverpool at the minute and i am itching to venture on up!!!! i lurrrrve liverpudlian accents on guys ;)


My husband = My hero
what u waitin for girlie!!! get ur skinny behind up here!!!

wer does ur brother live?? x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Im not sure of his exact addy but it is by the crowne plaza hotel ... know it? he is in the marines and is based there at the minute and so they have given him his own flat for the time being - the perks of the job hey!!!!!!! lol
hiya hun sorry ur feelin a bit crappy, the bloody weather doesn't help does it we all need some sun.

I'm glad to hear you realise ur social life is only on hold for a short time and as you say nicer to be slim than to get ratted lol!!!

chin up have a bubblebath and pamper yourself, get your nails done or something like that

everything looks different in the morning



Getting thinner everyday!
LT is not the most social diet you can go on and it does mean sacrificing some social activities but don't feel alone. We're all here and in it with you.

I also have alot of work on and it might be that that is getting to you. It sometimes gets to me. Just keep plodding on, a day at a time and before you know it, you'll be back to your normal self.

Alex :)

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