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A bit of a confession

Some of you may remember me from ages ago. I thought I could go it alone and was trying Weight Watchers, having failed miserably at Slimming World.

Well, it's fair to say that I can't go it alone, I tried and gained and went off plan and ate Dominos and gained more. I have gained so much weight since I was last on here BUT - I have given up smoking since February!

I have now joined a group and have my first true weigh in tomorrow night. I am terrified. But, no matter what happens I must stick with this for good. I have just been asked to be a bridesmaid by one of my best friends and I WILL NOT BE A PODGY BRIDESMAID.

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Welcome back!

Congrats on the non-smoking, that is a hell of an achievement!!!!

Good luck for your WI :) No need to be terrified, just promise yourself to give it 4 full 100% weeks to get back in the swing and I'm CERTAIN you'll have a loss :D x
Thanks so much for the encouragement! Will come and update after weigh in tomorrow. Off for a run now and then prawn noodles when I come back. Yum!

I really want to do it this time!
Congratulations on giving up smoking. You sound really motivated and you'll soon be back on track with your weight loss, just keep thinking how you want to look in your bridesmaid's dress! :)
Well done on giving up smoking, I know from experience what it can do for your weight, I am 8 and a half months smoke free now, and tackling the weight I gained x
Aww! thanks everyone, I'm really pleased about the giving up smoking but I couldn't believe how fast and how much weight went on. I naively thought it was a myth about gaining weight but never mind, it'll come off eventually.
wayhey!!! welcome back and huge congrats!!! great for 1st WI back! woo! :D
Woohoo that's awesome well done :D
Giving up smoking is gonna make SUCH a difference to your health (and your bank account) I'm sure it was worth putting some weight on, now you're on the right track to be thin AND a non-smoker :happy096:


..crawling after ze wagon
Congrats that is a really nice loss for the first week!! You can be so proud for quitting smoking - huge step in the healthy living direction!!

Keep it up! :)


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Well done on the loss!! :D You need to concentrate on 1 thing at a time and now its the weight loss time! :D
That's fab - well done on giving up smoking - I know how hard that is - if you can do that you can do anything :)
I must admit having a good loss on the first week does give me the kick I need to keep going. I'm all excited about the recipes again - doing the Sausages & Green Lentil thing from the 'your week' mag tonight and did the cheesey turkey meatloaf from Fabulous and Filling last night. Might start a cook book addicts thread!
hey hun hope it's going good for you and the new start on ww is still going well! :) xx
Yep! I'm still really into it! I feel like I'm back to my old self (except the weight!) and I like it!
the weight will soon be back to itself in no time also hun!! glad your still loving it :) ww is amazing xx
Oooh can I join the cookbook addict thread - I have been searching the charity shops, buying them off ebay & from the meetings lol I can't get enough :p. p.s. did you see the voucher in the september issue of ww magazine for the 'Just for Me' cookbook for £2.95?

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