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Original a bit of advice please


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Hi all, im currently trying to give SW a go but im not attending a group as im still not sure its for me. Im on day 2 of it and im feeling ok with it but i just have a few questions and wonder if you could help.

Im only going to be doing red days. The odd occasion i may do green days but i think i can wing it on that fairly easily.

Ive had fruit for breakfast along with 2 alpen light bars throughout the day. Ive had egg and bacon salad for lunch and my main meal last night was chicken breast with carrots, brocolli, cauliflower and mashed carrot.

What im wondering is, if i didnt have the alpen light bars as my HXB, what am i allowed instead?

For instance (hope this isnt too much trouble to answer) can i have the following instead and if so, in what quantity?
Cereals (cornflakes, porridge, museli)
Potato (mashed, wedges in actifry)
Pasta (does it have to be wholemeal)
Rice (im asuming not)

Thanks in advance.
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I would suggest rather than trying to figure it out from (what I assume are) out of date books, you get yourself along to just one session, have the plans explained in full and decide then if its for you.

If its not, then you dont even need to pay for the books, you just give them back and leave.

But if it is, pay a tenner for the stuff and you have it all there - up to date and accurately explained - including the Extra Easy plan - which I'm guessing you havent heard of as you havent mentioned it. You will also have access to the website (for a few weeks at least) where you can look up syns/healthy extras/recipes etc.

you dont HAVE to keep going to group, but if you do you will have continued access to the website, and the discipline of the weekly weigh in to keep you on track.

But I really would recommend going to group at least once to get the pack. You could also buy a food directory, or a recipe book or two - which might be useful especially if you decided you didnt want to keep paying for group and the web access.
I've got the old books, but have been using this forum to pick up the extras which have been added over the years. I am going to stick to original as this has worked best for me In the past. I find I just eat for the sake of it if I do green, and I don't like only having one HEB on EE days.


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thanks. i havent got any books, im just picking up what i can from on here (which probably isnt wise) but ive found it very helpful while ive been researching. I did read about the extra easy and im not sure its for me. It seems too easy to overeat. I need discipline!!

I may just toddle to a group and get some proper ideas!! Thanks, x


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I really would recommend going to a group - it would answer so many questions.

These threads should answer a lot of questions too.



Personally I think Extra Easy is great - its the only plan I've done - I started in Feb last year and have lost over 3.5 stone and am now at target (well 1/2 lb over range at the mo, but not far off). You shouldnt over eat as long as you use the 1/3 of your plate superfree rule - that should ensure you dont overload on carbs or protein without having to weigh or measure.

To answer your specific questions:

Some cereals can be counted as a HEX B - but only 28g for most - which is a pitiful amount! Mostly the more fibrous types (bran flakes 28g, All bran - but you can have 42g of that, shredded wheat, weetabix - there's a long list in the food optimising book you get as part of your starter pack). You can have 28g of porridge, or plain (not flavoured) oats so simple - to get the full HEXB you are supposed to have a scan bran with it, maybe similar for some of the other cereals. Good news is, supermarket own brand equivilents are fine for all cereals.

On red days, you can have a measured amount of potatoes with skins on for a HEXB - not sure of the precise weight though - I only do extra easy so never need to know!

I believe whole meal pasta can be used as a HEX B - again not sure of the amount.

I know that rice is definitely not allowed.

I saw your other post - I really wouldnt recommend buying books from e-bay - you dont know what you are going to get, and i believe a lot are sold above face value, because they cant be bought in the shops. If you buy them from group, even if you go just once, you will be paying a fair price.

it costs £10 to go along to group for just the first week - that will get you the food optimising book, along with a few other booklets (there's a menu planner, info about body magic etc). you can go onto the public area of the Slimming world website for a few 7 day meal planners.

You could also buy the slimming world mag - if you buy it in group its 70p cheaper than in the shops - there's meal planners and receipes in there.

If you do want receipe books - most cost £4.95. Some are hardbacks and are £9.95. There are a few smaller ones that cost £2.95 to £3.50. You can buy the food directory (which is £6.99 or £7.99 I think) and the Branded Free Foods, and Low Syn Snacks books are £1.95. That should give you an idea what you should be paying just in case you were tempted to look on e-bay.

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