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A bit of light relief...

Well I finally nailed my 7 stone award last Thursday, and got the group's Greatest Loser title too. What a journey that latest half stone has been! When I got my 6.5 stone award in September I was ill with a heart condition (not weight related), off work, and barely able to stand up without blacking out. Now I've had my pacemaker fitted, back at work full time, had a great time over Christmas and New Year feeling well again for the first time in months, started playing hockey again after five years off, and I feel like the Duracell bunny! Now hurtling towards 7.5 stones at breakneck pace on a combination of EE and red/green.

On Sunday we went to do a bit of shopping, and I tried on a really lovely blouse in Next. OMG - I looked blimmin brilliant! My OH was nearly in tears. How on earth did that happen? - I have been so wrapped up in being ill that I didn't realise what was happening to my body on the outside! Believe me, I don't pay myself compliments very often, but what a great boost that was.

So, guys and gals, just wanted to spread a little good cheer and hope that it gives you a little lift today. Believe in yourselves, and it will happen!

Hugs all,
Anna. xx
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wow! true inspiration, as someone with a lot to lose myself I love hearing the big weightloss stories the best :D

Although all loses are fantastic x
Oh you're all so lovely! I wasn't saying it to be congratulated, but thank you all anyway! xx :)
Thats blooming brilliant, well done you!!!

I just want to add, well done for giving yourself a compliment, I know its hard - but its so important. Thats what will keep you going, and most importantly keep the weight off! I think seeing the changes in ourselves is the most difficult part, and I know I found it very hard to get get my head to catch up with what was happening to my body. Some days I still see myself as fat.

So I urge you to continue to celebrate your sucesses. And how lovely that your other half is so supportive.

I am delighted for you that your health has improved so much, I can tell you will keep this up for life. Thanks for the inspirational post xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Well done Hun!!! Its a great achievement and definitely inspirational to us all. Im the same as you...I give compliments better than receiving them and spend more time handing out negative comments about myself. But, every now and then something "clicks" - like trying on a blouse and realising that it doesnt look like a tent anymore ;), or catching yourself smiling in a reflection all mounts up.
Well done Anna and thank you for sharing your amazing journey. Like others I applaud your stunning achievement. Keep the compliments coming - I found your OH's response really moving. Good luck and take care.

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