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  1. MrMaude

    MrMaude Full Member

    ... I started Liportim Monday and I weighed in at 190lb at the Pharmacist, which converts to 13st.8lb.. Fair enough.

    Ive just got on my scales at home which I know are correct, because they used to match my 'old Liportim Pharmacist' and I now weigh 12st.12lb. I cant have lost that much in under 5 days.. I have a feeling I will not get my 'true' weight on Mondays weigh in at the Chemist..

    Just thought id share with you.. any one else had similar experiences???

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  3. ChellyWellyBoot

    ChellyWellyBoot I will be skinny again!!!

    You can have lost that much tbh!

    But you should avoid weighing on different scales just to avoid any disapointment or anything!
  4. Stinkybreath

    Stinkybreath Size 14 here i come!

    Yes you could have. but this is the prob with weighing at home. Best thing to do when you next get weighed, go home and weigh on your own or weigh before you go and you can see if there is a difference in scales.
    It is possible but i don't want you to be upset if the scales are hugely different, so hold on, keep at it and wait till weigh in day. I have lost more on my scales than chemists and i weigh less on mine!!
  5. MrMaude

    MrMaude Full Member

    thanks for the quick replies.. much appreciated. I will do what you mentioned stinkybreath (lol, love the name). Im starting to get that too..
  6. Stinkybreath

    Stinkybreath Size 14 here i come!

    Oh the joy of the breath that could melt faces! lol You're welcome, let us know how you get on!
  7. slimmer2moro

    slimmer2moro Full Member

    Yes that is definately possible, i used to lose my weight over 3-4 days then would stay the same for another 3-4 days!!
  8. matt68

    matt68 Don't Worry Be Happy

    its possible i lost 6kg in my 1st week my scales at home say 6kg 3lb
  9. CherryRocks

    CherryRocks I love my purdy shoes

    The best advice is to weigh yourself ahortly after your weigh in then you can work out the difference :D

    But yeah everyones said pretty much what I have lol x

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