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Step2 810kcal Started step 2 on Tuesday!

Hi all,

I've just started CWP step 2 for the first time and I'm really hoping for drastic weight loss. I've started at a really bad time, a lot of stress at work (including a work trip), a minor surgery at the weekend and now another holiday to see family. But in my mind it was better to start than not do anything. I want to try my absolute hardest to stick to plan so I can move forward from this period of my life!

I'm day 3 now, day 1 I had squash which I've been told is a no-go, so hopefully since then I've managed to head into ketosis but I can't tell yet. I just want to get burning! My first weigh in will be next Tuesday.

I put on about 20kg in the course of a year (complete free food at work), if only I could drop it all in the course of a week - ha!

I just signed up to share and hear other experiences - and moan about how hungry I am :)

SW - I think 16st (I didn't look! Will update when I know)
Personal GW - 12st 5lb
To lose - 3st 5lb
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Hi Claire!
I started Slim and Save yesterday; 4 packs a day. I’ve got about 5st to lose (currently have no scales) but the numbers on the scales aren’t important, I want to be back comfortably in my size 12/14 jeans. Currently bursting out of my size 18s🙄
Well done for starting with all the stuff you have going on right now. I have sugar free squash too; it’s better than Diet Coke and I find plain water makes me feel sick after a while. The important thing is to keep drinking the calorie free fluids and stick to your packs. You can do it! I bet by your weigh in you’ll be in ketosis and won’t be feeling so hungry.
Which packs/meals etc are you having and do you like them?

I just had the spaghetti bolognese for my lunch and I'm a fan of the peanut crunch bar. Just asked my consultant and I've started on 16st 4lb, i've never known this heavy before!

I think I might have 4 packs today instead of my meal because I'm out to meet people who are having dinner and really want to avoid temptation.

How are you finding today? The lightheadedness definitely takes some getting used to!
Hi Claire,
I’m glad you like the meals. I did Cambridge Diet for a year 2005/6 and lost 12st. They only did milkshakes, soup, a few bars and 3 flavours of tetras then. I now can’t abide soup or milkshake in any form so I’m glad SnS do meals. I like their Spaghetti Bolognese too but my favourite is Cottage Pie (favourite diet pack; what am I like?)
I used to find watching other folk eat whilst I didn’t perfectly fine but most of them were funny about it. The lectures I used to get about it being unhealthy (cos weighing 22st was healthy was it??) so I stopped eating out with folk or got really good at describing toothache or the trots and so they soon stopped commenting🤣
As for your dinner tonight; I’d go for 4 packs and a sore stomach etc rather than risk temptation but then I don’t have much willpower around food. Hopefully you’re stronger than me!

Your starting weight isn’t so bad; you sound determined to get it off so I’m sure you will. I hope your counsellor is supportive? Nothing beats them jumping around in celebration with you when you lose the lbs.
I’m lucky in that I don’t get any headaches, dizzy etc getting into ketosis but then I’m still waiting for the energy burst you’re supposed to feel too; been waiting 13years🤣
I’m so fed up of the constant loo trips tho; all this squash, tea, coffee etc. Honestly I never peed this much when I was heavily pregnant!

Whatever you decide to do tonight food wise; enjoy yourself and keep up the fluids (and no alcohol; it really doesn’t mix with a vlcd!)

So I had my bar and a coffee while they ate their meals which was fine! Toothache is a good excuse, I'll keep that one in the back pocket.

I actually wasn't hungry for my meal when I got home so I think i'm getting used to it.

Counsellor is super supportive, my last one wasn't and just chastised.

12st WOW that's amazing! How are you doing with Slim and Save? Are you 4 days in now?
Hi Claire,
Well done on the eating out front; I’m in awe!
Day3 for me, all ok so far. My new packs/bars and wafers arrive later and I’m looking forward to trying the latter.
Had Bombay potatoes last night; could have been worse, cottage pie is still my favourite.
I’m keeping busy and getting through by not having any other food in the house. I have a holiday home to changeover tomorrow so that’s another busy day thankfully!
What plans have you got for the weekend? I’m in Scotland and we’re not having a heatwave - 14C and rain today🙄.
I hope it’s warmer and sunnier where you are?Onwards and downwards for us both...
Ooo wafers sound amazing, let me know what they're like!

I think that's the trick, when it's your only choice it's easier to stay on track. I just keep reminding myself it was hard to get into this, and it's only going to get easier, easier to handle it, easier to say no, easier to fit into those jeans, easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I'm having wisdom tooth surgery, so I'll be under GA tomorrow morning, should make it easier to stick solely to shakes! What have you got planned?

It's still quite warm down South, but no sun to go with it any more, just clammy commutes :p
Strawberry wafer very pleasant. Tastes like pink wafer biscuit!
Don't envy you the wisdom tooth extraction tomorrow, you’ll certainly not be eating much afterwards! I had mine under a local in the hospital (scared to death of GA, never ever had one so always a local or spinal blocker) and I must admit I did wish I’d opted for a GA during it; rather uncomfortable! Good luck with it all.

After cleaning the house and sorting their laundry etc I’ll walk my dog and then we’ve been invited to a BBQ. Not eating won’t be a problem as I hate bbq stuff. These are friends of my hubby and all musicos so I’ll be bored rigid! Sunday I’ll get our house ready for the plasterer who’s coming 8am Monday and curse the joiner who has gone AWOL and stick pins in the voodoo doll of my local building control officer! Our house renovation is going very very badly wrong!

Just think if we stick to our plans we can be a lot lighter and healthier by Halloween and think of the LBDs we can flaunt at Christmas! Good luck with the commuting; I don’t miss that although I’m not enjoying working from home in a building site either! Oh well, if we can cope with this then a few diet weeks aren’t going to defeat us eh?

Hope your dental surgery is quick and easy and not too painful xx

Sorry, I stayed as offline as possible over the weekend. I'm feeling okay, a little sore and puffy but generally fine - what's even more, I was on plan all weekend. Which I'm so surprised by, I really tried, and I have my first weight in tomorrow and I'm just hoping I can reap the rewards. I know I'll be so disappointed if the numbers don't move as I feel like I'm trying so hard/saying no to so much.

Dosing up on painkillers in the meantime!

It sounds like you had a really active weekend - hope the plasterer turned up :) Did you manage to stick to plan? We got this!!
Hi Claire,
Seriously well done at sticking with it; especially with the grief of surgery. I’d have given in to ice cream by the bucket load!
Don’t worry if the scales don’t show happy numbers tomorrow; our weight is affected by so much. Some weeks I’d stay the same and other weeks I’d lose 5lbs and I’d been 100% both weeks. I bet your clothes are feeling looser already? My belt is a notch tighter already. I stuck with it all weekend so I’m hoping for two notches tighter soon!
And no the plasterer didn’t turn up; he’s coming tomorrow but I’m not holding my breath🙄

We can do this; let’s be losers!!


Rebooting - with vlcd, vegetables and more
S: 21st11lb C: 18st4lb G: 15st6lb BMI: 41.3 Loss: 3st7lb(16.07%)
Hi BigSis. You and I both shed a deal of weight and are back again. ! wish I only had 5 stone to shed. My target is to be size 12/14, probably 12 stone for me. I've got 15 stone on my target, and an interim. You got me with your last line:
We can do this; let’s be losers!!
So hell yes! We can do this. Let's Be Losers!!
Hi AliGal,
It’s so hard sometimes isn’t it? When I lost 12st I was so certain I’d never gain the weight back but in all honesty all I’d done is avoid taking responsibility for what I ate for a year. I don’t think I’ll ever have a “normal” relationship with food. I wish I could just see it for what it is; fuel.
The other thing that I realised is that wearing Next size 12 jeans doesn’t make my life perfect. When I was wearing Evans size 32 jeans I would see slim women and think my life would be perfect if I had their figure. But it wasn’t; the roof still leaked and the cat threw up in the carpet etc!
But even though we’ve gained weight back we can lose it again. You’ve done brilliantly to lose a stone and a half already; you’re in the losers groove and really soon you’ll be in the teens rather than the twenties. I am living in a building site at present (v long and boring story) so have no scales but know that my clothes have just been getting tighter and tighter so I reckon I’m somewhere around the 15-16st mark. As we have no kitchen (or electric!) I’ve been compensating myself by eating whatever I want whenever. And I can binge for Scotland. And here I am......
Are you following a particular diet plan or diy? I’m on Slim and Save meal packs as I hate milkshake and soup and they’ve been agreeably palatable thus far.
What’s the “more” in your strapline? Are you doing exercise too?
Stick with it AliGal, you can do it!!

Thanks for checking in, really means a lot! So at weigh in I was - 7lb! Which was a nice start. But...

I got so hungry during the day and had been working so hard at work that I got into the ill treat myself mentality.

I had a bit of a wrap and some digestive nibbles and then chips with my steak at dinner :/

I'd been doing so well I don't know why I did it. But I'm off to Africa for a week and a half now, so I've got some time to at least get that stupid meal off before next weigh day and stay the same or drop a few.

How are you doing??
Hi BigSis. You and I both shed a deal of weight and are back again. ! wish I only had 5 stone to shed. My target is to be size 12/14, probably 12 stone for me. I've got 15 stone on my target, and an interim. You got me with your last line:

So hell yes! We can do this. Let's Be Losers!!
Go AliGal, you've got my support! :)
7lbs off - half a stone already - well done you! You're already down to the next stone bracket. As for the little blip - it'll be gone before you next weigh. It was only a bit of a wrap not an entire one and not a whole pack of nibbles by the sound of it. Chips don't help with the weight but it's not the end of the world.
Where are you going in Africa? I hope it's for fun and not work? I bet it'll be too hot to eat so you'll be even lighter at your next weigh in.

I'm doing ok, thanks for asking. The plasterers are here and working - result! I am too frit to call the building control officer to see if he's considered the plans yet and will grant the building warrant (long, boring and very frustrating saga) but I'm still sticking to the diet. I'm quite amazed at myself - this is day 8. The chocolate wafers aren't all that, strawberry is still my favourite. My mini goal is getting into a work suit on August 3rd - I'm hoping the size 18 trousers don't look like overstuffed sausage skins like last week!

Stick with it; rejoice in being a loser!!