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A certain weight ?


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Heya all ....

I was wondering for those of you who are at target, or nearly at target, do you find that you stick at/fluctuate around a certain weight for the most part .... even if you have a few weeks of eating the Slimming World way ?

As a general rule i eat SW meals, but since being at target i eat more crap (yeah we all do it lol) ..... anyway i`m going off on a tangent ....

Getting to the post of the post ... i was thinking about trying to get down to about 9 st (currently 9st 6lbs) So went back on the full on SW eating, but just maintained for 2 weeks ? I`m still at 9st 6lbs .... i went up a little it at one point a few weeks back to 9st 10lbs but then with no SW dieting at all i dropped back dwn to 9st 6lbs ... thats where i seem to gravitate to.

So should i just accept thats me ... or should i really try and push it ? or will i find that when i get to 9st, i`ve only got to look at a chocolate cookie and that 6lbs will be straight back on ?

Opinions puurrleeaaaseee :D

And [STRIKE]cookies[/STRIKE] carrot sticks, and [STRIKE]milk[/STRIKE] fruit tea for listening to my inane ramblings :p
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Wow, 64 views and no replies .... don`t all shout at once will you ... you might deafen me ..... lol !!!!!!!!!!
I reset my target from 9st 11 to 9st and altho I lost some of it fairly quickly it took me months to get to that target. Then I decided I wanted to get to the lower end of the target bracket so I could get my 4st award. I am 1lb away but go up and down and can not seem to get any closer! I am not defeated yet tho and am determined to get that shiny sticker for my book lol

Good luck if you do decide to do it

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Daisysp8 said:
Wow, 64 views and no replies .... don`t all shout at once will you ... you might deafen me ..... lol !!!!!!!!!!
Well in my opinion naturally thin people still eat junk food. - but as long as it's viewed as a treat rather than a daily thing you should maintain your weight.

The beauty of sw is that it is a way of life, eating healthier and of the right food.

I dabbled with Ww and I found I was saving points for treats, I was always hungry and much prefer sw as I feel it's ore achievable and maintainable.
I've only been at target two weeks, so I'm not expert by any means, but if you are going to find it a huge effort to get to, and then stay at 9 stone, then I would stick where you are. Then at least you can still eat the odd bit of junk and maintain? Makes more sense to me!


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I'm in the same situation as you - I'm a couple of lbs off target (my target is 9 stone 7 lbs) and I'm thinking once I get there I'll reset it to 9 stone, because I feel that now I'm close to target, I could actually do with another half a stone off - but I do worry that 9 stone will be hard to maintain - I'm 25 now, and the last time I weighed 9st I was a teenager!

I'm going to give it my best shot and try to get myself down to 9st and see how it goes - if I can't maintain it then so be it, I'm not prepared to make myself miserable over it when I've got a lot to be thankful for at 9 and a half stone - my double chin is gone, I no longer look 7 months pregnant, and I can wear short sleeved tops once more without worrying about my horrible fat upper arms :D
I'm not at target (or anywhere near) however a lady in my group who's at target found that the target she set was 3lb too heavy and however hard she tried she couldn't get that 3lb on so she had to lower it. Now she struggles to lose any weight if she wants to for holidays and the like. I think often your body does find its own place as to where it wants to be.

I've been at target since last December and it's become clear that I am not a person who can weigh the same every week. It fluctuates week to week and it's not always hormonal changes either. I stick to plan (but with an additional HEXB) and have the odd treat, just as I did all the while I was trying to get to target.

What I've noticed is that the closer I got to what I think is my natural weight, is that the scales will fluctuate dependant on what exercise I do. I'm very active and if I do more running in a week I will often drop beneath target, but if I do more classes which sometimes work on muscle groups my weight will increase. What i'm trying to say (in a waffly sort of way!) is that it may be something other than food/ drink affecting your weight?

Anyhow, my advice would be not to change your target just yet. Give it at least six weeks of being back on plan to see what happens and be realistic about whether you can sustain it (or want to) in the long term.... otherwise it gets expensive again! Maybe 9st 6 is simply your natural weight!

Good luck

Debs xx
Hi there

I have been at target for 10 months. I initially set my target of 10 stone then lowered it to 9 and a half. I reached that last september. I did think long and hard about lowering my target however, decided against it for a number of reasons.

One being you can't choose where you loose the rest of the weight from, if I could choose it would be my hips/bum but my shoulders and collar bone area look really bony. Another reason, is I know that with just a bit of work I can maintain this weight. I can have a few days off plan knowing I can get back to it. If I was to lower my target I am not sure I would be able to maintain it quite as easily and then would probably end up even heavier than I am now. Thirdly, I have recently bought lots of clothes so they would all be too big.:D
Hope this helps


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I can't really change my weight... 14 weeks and my body likes to be at 8st 10... which sucks as it's 1 off top of target. No matter what I do I gain 1, lose 1 and average at that...

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