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A couple of questions for a newbie

Hi there

I'm new to minimins although not new to diets and I have a few questions that I hope you kind people would be kind enough to answer. In the past I lost about 3 stone with sw but then gained it and more after 2 babies.

I think the time is right to now to loose it. I've lost 1.5 stones so far and would like to loose another 3st 8lb. I'm CC this time and so far it's going ok. I'm aiming to eat between 1200 and 1300 kcal per day. I'm wondering if this is normal I want to make sure I'm eating enough as have heard that if I only eat about 1000 then I won't loose as I'll go into starvation mode. What do you guys think about that, is 1200 enough? This time I'm trying to make life style changes in hope that the weight will stay off and I wont feel the need to eat biscuits by the packet! I hope I'm not alone in feeling this but I would love to loose the weight in 2 weeks although I know I will take much longer but I can dream x

Thanks in advance

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Hi Lisa, welcome aboard :)

I started off on 1200 calories, then read online that I was better having around 1500, so moved to that amount. I've still kept up the same amount of weightloss, and it's easier to stick to a slightly higher count.

I also thought that whenever I plateau it'll be easier to drop calories if I'm currently on a moderately low rather than extremely low amount to begin with. Say I plateau, I can then easily drop to 1300 to kickstart another loss. If you start off on 1200, there's nowhere you can really go when you plateau.

Maybe I'm talking rubbish, but it makes sense to me, lol.
Thanks for that LaLaLou, I does make sense to me and I think if I start to feel like I need more I think I'll increase. I'm trying to do the whole 5 a day fruit and veg thing too and some times I just get sick of it so if I increased to about 1500 I could at least have something a little more filling along with it.

At the moment I'm having all bran for breakfast, ham salad sandwich and fruit with a yogurt for lunch then a healthy tea. I'm trying not to eat to much processed stuff but again if I increase I will have a bit to play with if you know what I mean. Failing that I could munch a chocolate bar x
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Hi Bluedizzy

I agree with LaLaLou, I have 3 stone to lose and have started on 1500 cals a day because it gives me the room to drop the amount if I plateau.

I also find that on 1500 I can eat a satisfying amount of food in a day whereas on 1200 I would be hungry and so more likely to binge out.

I have 3 meals of 300 cals and 3 snacks of 150 a day so I am eating every few hours to keep my energy up. That also leaves enough cals for milk and sugar-free squash allowance.

In my lifestyle I have to lead quite a rigid routine and all this fits in nicely.

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