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  1. HulaHoop-xx

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    Well good evening and welcome, to my new diary on route to slimville, would you care to join? God knows who I'm talking too, weird lady.

    Anyhoo! Let's get started with a bit of background info, erm what to say? Ok so at my biggest ( my birthday im october ) I hopped on the scales tp realise with great shock I had plumetted to 16 stone 4 pounds, omg yuck ew gross wtf argh?!?!? I mean dont get me wrong, I knew I was no skinny lizzy, I liked cake. But I hadnt been on the scales since the dark ages and I was clearly in denial about how big I actually was. Is it just me that seems to look in a mirror and not look that big then have a photo taken and ****** yikes almighty its as if your at the arcade in one of those fat mirrors that made you look about 14 stone bigger. But oh no abb, your in no fat mirror now, that is you and that is the result of you and crap food shuved in your body day after day. Well, clearly me and junk food arent as much of a match made in heaven as I may have thought! Sigh.

    So, around the middle of November after weeks of dieting one day amd binging the next I decided I seriously needed to do something. I had begin to stop going out with friends, no job and no prince charming in my life. Was this really how I wanted to live? I think not. I began having two tesco ultra slim shake meal replacements a day and a healthy main meal for tea. Yes! Excellent, fab, brill.. things were looking up. I went down to 14 stone 11 lbs by Christmas. Oh no, xmas was here and we all know what that means dont we? Lots of bad food. I really struggled to get back into it but I did a few days after new year.

    Had a few naughty blips since then, however I have bought a treadmill and began doing half an hour a day which for me is a good achievement as I am so unfit its literally ridiculous. I am also learning to drive and have my test Feb 28th ( eek wish me luck! ) and although I talk on a few forums to people I have decided I want to begin my diary with regular updates photos and hopefully a place to share my journey, recieve and give support and get chatting to some friendly people!

    Anyway, enough of me going on. I hope to hear from someone very soon.

    Lots of love,
    Abbie. Xx
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  3. steff79

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    Hey hun good luck on your journey am already there with my journey felt crap about myself in August looked at my diet started excersizing hill walking with my other half joined a gym in October which I love now.. am a naughty scale hopper was to check it was coming off now to check I'm staying the same and with the intense excersize to check am not going too low either ;) I like a choccy biscuit but will no longer sit there and eat 4!! Ive given up cheesy chips in actual fact I rarely have chips these days and it used to be a daily occurance!! and used to eat crisps for breakfast!! :p look forward to following how your doing you can do this!! xx
  4. HulaHoop-xx

    HulaHoop-xx Full Member

    Wow. What an amazing achiement. When did your reach your goal?

    Ok so, todays food was..
    Porridge made with skimmed milk.
    Slim a soup and 2 slices of ww bread.
    Chicken breast, small jacket potato, green beans and brocilli with a cup a soup sauce.
    Drinks- orange squash all day
    Had one nice biscuit though which was naughty. Ugh :-(

  5. steff79

    steff79 Silver Member

    I had a goal in my head it would be nice to reach 9st I was actually nearly at goal when I joined the gym just by hill walking and watching the calories ;) By the middle of october I was 9st am now alot lighter than that am only 5ft 2.. tbh I didn't think it was possible for me to be 8st but with all the gym excersize it has been.. am currently 7st 11 watching the scales to check am not going too low still trying to eat healthy and errr trying hard not to add calories with biscuits to make up the numbers!! I am a bugger for a chocolate biscuit!! :p
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