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A crumb of ham, a lick of a pork sausage and totm..hmm

Hello everybody!
I'm on my 4th day of LT now which is good. I got very tempted yesterday and unfortunatley resorted to licking a sausage lol. I made a bit of a mess of it this morning I had a crumb of ham but I didn't finish the whole piece. I feel very bad about it and can't beleive i went that low.
BOYS- avert your eyes..I have to have my first weigh in tomorrow as due to personal reasons my mum wont be here to take me to the chemist on saturday..however its totm so I'm slightly worried that I haven't lost as much weight as I would have liked.
Thankyou all for being here in general it's really helped these last few days.. you're doing so well. :) xxx
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Ah good luck with the weigh in and try not to give in again lol sorry but it proper made me laugh licking a sausage haha
lol... dont worry hun!... you licked it.. and thats about it! I wont say more. Dont help with it being time of the month...I wouldnt worry too much coz even if you do lose less this week coz of totm next week you will have lost a lot more.. so it will balance out for this week., (if that makes any sense)

be strong.. you can do this xxx
You can laugh at the sausage..I certainly did afterwards hahaha. :) never mind.
Licking sausages.....lmao, are ya sure it was a sausage or ya placing it with something else ya were licking.......lmao
Miss Bean, we all do odd things when the going gets tough. So far I've eaten tuna, and have a weird thing of watching cooking programmes when I feel the need to eat lol

Well done for not eating the whole piece of ham, and well done again for not having a bite of the sausage :)
haha. No there was no doubt about it ..it was filled with pork and it got cooked in the oven. If that was the case with any other 'sausages' I would be worried.
Cheered me up though. :)
I won't be eating or licking anything else..i've promised myself.
lmao thats good hun, an odd lick of a sausage or subsitute sausage is alright now and again.......pmsl
Its ok for you lot ..I dont have any subsitute sausage:( Never mind im sure i'll get one once i've shed a few stone.
hehe ok xx
haha i think the conversation crossed the line..you brought it up..:p Never mind we weren't mentioning any sausages at all not even cumberlands. How is everyone today ?x
PSML! oh the visions you have created I have tears rollin down my cheeks from laughing lol

Don't worry about it hun, I ate a current the other day and thought 'OMG what have I done' It just sort of slipped out of my OH's teacake by accident all on its own and rolled towards me....how strange is that?

The more you beat yourself up, the more you will be temoted to quit. So....don't worry about it and look forward to calorie free sausages in the future!!!! ;-)
Im glad that it made you laugh i've been reading other posts and I know you had a bit of snow trouble the other day so at least i've done my good deed for the day. I think its quite funny too tbh I couldn't not share it with everyone. Strange about the currant...maybe it was a sign. Your so brave touching cakes i couldnt i might take a bite. Well done !

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