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A date tuesday evening ...........



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Oh I wish I had your problem!!! Have no tips hun cos I dont do dates....but have fun!!! As for explaining LL, if he suggests dinner just tell him you'd rather do somethin else....bowling?!
how do i cope with

breath :confused: shall i take my tooth brush

if he wants a second date it's bound to be a meal

and do i explain this to him the LL :rolleyes: please help ...i want this to go well .........:eek:

Oh how exciting! :D
Yes take a toothbrush .... but don't let him see it or he might think it is a sign of a green light!!! ;)

If he suggests a meal - ask if he can postpone that one until :confused: and give him how long before you'll be at target!! But I'm sure a suggestion of bowling or cinema etc will go down well.

Have a great time - and come back and tell us how it went!! (Need a nosey smilie Pierce!! :eek: )
thanks ....i had thought about cinema ..the gold spot and colgate will be on a quick trip to the toilet in between fizzy waters .........a spot has just appeared ...this is my 3rd week on LL and had lovely clear skin until today .......whose law ....sods law !!!!!!
Do i tell him about LL on first date ......\


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Personally hun I wouldn't make that decision until you see how the date is going....you could decide that you really want to tell him, but then again, he could be a total plonker, so you;ll need to judge how you are getting on with each other before you decide to lay yourself bare!!

Just enjoy, have fun and take it as it comes...
ohhh kazz don't think hes going to come !!!!!! lol
better wear my gloves......take his mind off my bad breath!!!
ohhh kazz don't think hes going to come !!!!!! lol
He'll turn up! Where did you meet him???

As far as telling him about VLCD - tell him when and if you feel comfortable. Sometimes it's on "a needs to know basis" - if you only go for a drink then you can drink black coffee, water or the occasional diet soda. If it gets that you/he wants to see each other again .... then you can tell him.

But have a lovely time!!! and don't forget to tell all (well not all - you know what that Kazz is like!!!:p :D )
bev met him on match.com .....so we'll see if it is a match !!! and if he arrives susan
bev so did my sister and best mate ........best mate ...met oct engaged dec married july ........!!!
bev so did my sister and best mate ........best mate ...met oct engaged dec married july ........!!!
Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I met my OH in March and 2 weeks later he'd moved in! 7 months down the line I'm so happy - wouldn't really swap him or get a efund on him!!! (but don't let him know .... 'tis good to keep them on their toes!!!)

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