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A delicate topic


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Has anyone else noticed their - ahem - habits in the smallest room have changed since starting the diet? Me and my porcelain pal are barely on speaking terms . . .

I know it's not really table talk, but I am a tad concerned. Is this normal? (And also, how many pounds is it stopping me losing!!!!)
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:sick0019: Yes it is perfectly normal to have toilet troubles after ANY major diet change. It will level out soon enough though and it shouldn't affect your losses too much. If you haven't 'been' after about 4 days take something for it but don't make it a habit!


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I have had the same trouble,and normally I have no troubles, have switched to allbran for brekkie last couple of days and things are a bit more like normal,if you get my drift,

Mrs V

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Definitely not alone Hun. As the others have suggested, change to eat more fibre and if that fails take something to help things move along. Dont worry, it will sort itself out.
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Yeah, me too. Haven't been for about four days!!! mmmm....

Mrs V

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S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
I also forgot to add, dont forget to drink water as this helps too.


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Haha...I love your euphamism Harrie! It made me laugh! My friend had same problem and spoke to group leader who said to try Scan Bran as they are v v fibre filled apparently.
i had that trouble too the other day so i had allbran at night and wooooow i dint have tht trouble no more lol x
I had 4 scan bran the other day for lunch and it had the opposite effect to the one which is desired...... wasn't happy at all!!

I hate it when I can't go, i'm usually regular but sometimes will go a couple of days without going and I don't know why this happens! It really makes me feel awful so I know how you are feeling Harrie. :-(


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I have the same problem :eek: . Someone on a different thread suggested eating grapes. Tried it and that did the trick for me yesterday and today ;)
B. xx
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Plenty of fruit and veg plus fluids will do the trick. Remember that less is going in so less will come out!


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I do mainly green days and don't have any problems in that department. Although I have more of a windy problem!

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