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A dodgy few days


The Me Is Back.........
S: 23st0lb C: 22st5lb G: 16st0lb Loss: 0st9lb(2.8%)
Most defiantly dodgey in fact yesterday was a complete waste of time.

Woke up at silly o clock as i have been on early shifts this week went into work, no problems there took a tetra pack and a shake with me only problem was nowhere to buy any bottled water at 5AM. went to work all OK and came home.......

Went in to the fridge to get some chilled water and the bacon was inviting me to take it out the fridge and eat it which i did. very nice but it didn't stop there.

As i had blown it for the day decided to blow it properly had some quality street yum a decent cup of coffee with milk and sugar oh bliss.
that evening 4 hot cross buns <<<< me likes and to finish sweet and sour pork and special fried rice.

Any way back to it today.I'm a bit thrown out have only just had my second shake as when i got home went to bed just hate getting out of bed at 3.3Oam to go to work.

Still i have it out my system so to speak i know I'm going to pay the price on the scales on Monday, i just hope the ketosis fairy is kind to me.

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MUST get a grip
Oh mate - sorry to hear about your crap day! I know that when I've worked earlies on previous CD attempts they were a killer... I too would only have 1 pack, loads of water - get home and the whole darn lot would go wrong!

Well apart from there's nothing you can do about it now, obviously other than STOP at what you've eaten. Dont use it as an excuse to eat for the rest of the weekend etc etc or you will be right back to square one!

You've had a mis-hap - plenty of water have a pack if your really still hungry and start tomorrow afresh :cool::cool::cool::cool:
i've been jumping on and off the scales all week and have only lost a pound :-( having said that i didn't have an accident with a load of crunch corner yogurts (the nice ones with choc chips and stuff). i'm up here now though whilst my son and his dad and possibly my 1 year old are munching on pizza and garlic bread (ooohhh the smell-have shut the door now in the dark) so i've goy my weigh in on monday so i'm hoping i might get a little more off. i know i lost 12lb last week (first week) but i thought i might of lost 5 or something, hell i'm bloody starving. all i seem to be doing is drinking and peeing. still i suppose we'll all reep the rewards come the summer when we're in our summer numbers. keep up the good work everyone.
G: 9st3lb
I had a shocker today, and it makes your "cheats" look like water off a ducks back! Lol!
So like im going to...pretend it never happened. ho hum...bacon- what bacon...hot cross buns- no idea what your talking about lol!
As for ketosis being kind, i think it would be a fully fledged miracle if i was back in it on tuesday the amount i ate haha


The Me Is Back.........
S: 23st0lb C: 22st5lb G: 16st0lb Loss: 0st9lb(2.8%)
Well so far back on the straight and narrow only managed 3 packs yesterday plus water i did a lot of sleeping after work had to get up at 3.30am,
Today has been fine im feeling very cold and im feeling hungary just about to have my third pack, my cdc has just rung to se how things are going i have confessed my sins so nithing really left to do but see what the sacles say tommorow evening, i have beeen good havnt weighed m,yself at all this week.

as for everyone else that slips up, trips up or just jumps off the mountain dont worry about it put it behind you and start fresh again.


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