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Extra Easy A few EE questions! Back in control!

Rejoined SW last night and was back to square 1- exactly where i was 1 year ago! It's all fine as i am back in control. Have decided to do EE. Its never worked before but i know red and green inside out, so think i may have to try harder with something new- i will focus more!

Ok, I get the 1a and 1b, I get the 2/3 1/3 bit of the plate. What about inbetween meals?
Is any red and green food free? Can i go to fridge and have a few slices of ham? Can i have a mugshot?
How do i work the syn value- do i take highest or lowest?

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The answer is yes to the first three questions. Anything that is free on red and free on green you can have on the EE plan.

You take the lowest syn value of the item you want hun. So say some sauce is 10 syns on a red day and 5 syns on a green day...you count is as 5 syns.
Hi there!

Sorry to crash the thread, but can anyone please explain what is mean't be 1/3 plate superfoods?

Do these have to be veggies or can other foods be substituted?


Thanks everyone and All the best for 2010.


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Actually they've changed it now and for EE superfree foods are only fruit and veggies. So fill 1/3 of your plate with veggies and the rest with green/original/both foods.


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We were not told that in class. Is that in the new book or online?
Yah its in the new book. Went to class today and got one for £3! They really emphasise the 1/3 plate superfree foods, its almost on every page lol. And superfree foods are now fruit and veg only (and not including veggies free on green like potatoes, corn, peas, parsnips etc)


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Thanks, I'll ask for a new book next week. They were not offered out yesterday.
I don't mind only veg as being superfree, as that has been what my 1/3 plateful has been anyway!


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Same! I thought it was a bit iffy having things like eggs as a superfree food anyway, because a plate full of eggs is still high cal even though they're superfree. Fruit and veg only makes more sense and I imagine it would bring about better weight losses.
i have the new book

SUPERFREE is veg and fruit only - but doesnt include sweetcorn, peas or potatoes

but eggs are free, but not superfree


Is a crunchy mama!
i have the new book

SUPERFREE is veg and fruit only - but doesnt include sweetcorn, peas or potatoes

but eggs are free, but not superfree
Exackery :D

You can have peas and all sorts of other things, but not as your 1/3 superfree food. It'll have to be in the 2/3 part of your meal. LOL! Not really anything to worry about.
Daft question ... if your plate is all free foods (for example, I have just had a bacon, beans and egg brekkie as don't have any tomatoes or mushrooms in) can you balance it with a couple of bits of fruit as your '1/3rd'


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Yes I think you can, though personally I prefer to have it all on my plate. That way if I have any other fruits or veg as snacks then it would be in addition to what I had at my meal which is only a good thing.

The purpose of filling 1/3 of your plate with superfree foods is so that the meal is filling for fewer calories, so if there are no superfree foods then all you've eaten are calorie dense foods for the same filling power. So ultimately by filling 1/3 of your plate with superfree foods you're consuming less food/calories for the same filling power which leads to faster and more comfortable weight loss. Hope this makes sense!

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