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A few more questions - sorry!

Hi everyone
Hope you`re all doing okay?
I am very happy ( and a bit scared to even say it incase its not real) I got weighed this morning, naughty i know, and am down 4 pounds - so pleased. :p
Did a ketosis stick tonight and im just in ketosis - only trace but hoping it`ll be stronger tomorrow.

I just had a question about leeks, im a bit confused. They are on the acceptable veg list but when you use the carb counter at the back of the atkins book, it says one leek is 11g of carb?? I only had one in the end as didnt want to mess everything up but leeks are one of my fave veg so if i can safely have more i would like to. Please can anyone advise?

Also - alcohol... I love wine but know its not at all good on atkins, so was thinking of having gin with diet bitter lemon or whisky with diet ginger ale. Ive checked the carb count on both and they are low/trace. I know atkins says NO alcohol on induction but i fear i may waver from this at the weekend. Does/did anyone else drink on induction? If so what did you drink? Not an alcoholic, honest :rolleyes:

Thanks again
Katy x
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They are slightly better than onions. Try using scallions instead. LOL I seem to be saying that a lot at the moment. :)

I drank red wine most friday night during induction Katy, still do love.


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You and your scallions Jim :D

I have done as Jim either red or white wine - in fact (omg this makes me sound like an alco) pretty much every night :D My weight loss isnt very fast but still coming off though!
Haha, phew, seems like everyone likes to drink, that makes me happy!! Wine really is my fave so its good to know you`ve all stuck at it and had a drink, thank you.

What are scallions again? Spring onions?
always provided it's a dry wine Katy.


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Jim - i alwyas have dry white but the red never really says if its dry?
Most reds are dry unless they call it a dessert wine love.


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excelleant - wine night tonight :) have had horrid day at work. im seething.
hope your day is better now that the wine is out Vicky:flirt2:
Jim, i didnt know that about red and the dessert wine thing, you learn somet new every day!


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Lol @ Jim

wine was good. more tonight going to friends for girly night in :D
I've moved them to the Olivia and Grandad thread. LOL
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