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A few questions about week 1 slimfast

Hey all :party0038:

Just a few questions Im hoping everyine can help me with.

First up did anyone else notice on week 1 they were a little windy? Sorry to be so graphic but I seem to be and was wandering if this is normal and if it stops. Also on the same topic Im also a little clogged...Im eating fruit in my snacks and slimfast says it has Fibre in it and Im drinking 1 and a half litres of water so was also wandering if this is normal or if anyone has any suggestions. :sick0019:

Next question is how much water does everyone drink? I try for 1.5 litres but is this enough?

Also Im quite partial to a glass or 2 of wine :party0036: how do you work these in? Normally when dieting I drop alcohol all together but my birthday is coming up so will probably go out for a drink abd eat cake :candle:

Any ways these are my questions please feel free to add any and if anyone has the answers that would be great!
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hiya, have been doing sf for few weeks now and must say my "regular habits" are v different! can't say i've done a normal poo for ages (sorry everyone:eek:) even though eating lots of veg and loads of water. i've just accepted it though and presume things will return to normal eventually lol.:sigh:

re water intake i usually aim to have at least 3 litres a day, depends on how busy i am.:) i read somewhere that the water breaks down the fat so anything that helps that i'll go for :8855:

i have a ready meal in the evening and make up the calories with salad or veg but if i in the need (which is quite often :8855:) i count the calories in the wine and have less salad etc. you've got to do what works best for you and don't deprive yourself and by counting in the cals for naughty things but still eating healthily will help you stay on the diet. thats what i find anyhow. hope this helps a little x

wk 1 - 10 lbs:worthy:
wk 2 - 2 lbs:)
wk 3 sts:hmm:
wk 4 + 3 lbs:copon:
wk 5 - 7 lbs:greenapple:
wk 6 + 2 lbs:7834:
wk 7 - 6 lbs :party0049:


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eat lots of prunes! thats what i do, people at work must think i'm odd/in trouble, but it helps!

i've cut down on alcohol loads, but still have the odd glass and not noticed any negative effects. i giuess as long as ur cutting down you will still notice a difference, just perhaps not as much as you were t-total :)
went out sat night and it made me realise how quickly you get used to cutting down on alcohol, was a bit of a lightweight, still chepa night and less cals huh!

good luck!


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I have been on SF since November and I am still a lot "windier" than I used to be!
And my poo's (sorry but we all do it. lol :eek:) have not been the same since.
My GP said it's just something to get used to and it was nothing to worry about. So now I just let rip!! :8855:
I aim to drink 2ltrs of water a day, but I have coffee and tea and fruit tea too.
As for the odd glass, I still do the odd bottle. :eek: Though I have cut down a lot and I plan when I am going to have a drink now and save it for when I feel I really decserve it.
The only thing I will say is, I completely cut wine out for 2 weeks and was really really good with my diet and lost 10lb in the first week. So I'm sort of thinking that there might be some good in not drinking at all.
Thanks heaps will increase the water intake and will add prunes to my yougurt snack
I was very windy to start with! I was driving everyone mad! :8855:But got better after a few weeks, i'm still a bit windier than I was before though. I'm less regular than I was but the way I look at it is with so much less food going in there's not much to come out! sorry :eek:
I drink at least 2 litres of water a day, most days I have 3. I don't drink very often but went out last week, vodka and diet coke is only 55 cals so I missed snacks for the day so I could have a few :D

hi, can I just ask, I feel horrendusly bloated, and its showing. I feel like I am retaining water badly...but am being really strict...anyone else had this?
How much water are you drinking Claire? I do feel bloated sometimes,but it's usually wind! :eek:


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i never experienced that, but maybe its ur body getting used to it...
think you shud be aiming for 2-3 litres a day of water
I feel a little bloated but I think its the big increase in dairy for me cos Im ding the shakes made from powder.

I Increased my water today and yesterday to 2 litres and although Im spending more time in the loo the bloating has gone down a little.
hiya ladies, well uped my water today, and have felt less bloated...I too think its the huge increase in dairy, as I am doing two shakes a day...when I am only used to milk in tea or coffee!....fingers crossed if I keep taking on more water this should help...i hope! thanks again for your advice

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