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A few questions for you lovely bunch!



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1. - I like the choc and strawb - prefer choc myself - esp frozen like ice- cream - my CDC doesn't charge extra for them - she charges a flat rate for each week - but I have two or three tetras a week to freeze - defo a treat.

2. I felt the weight loss this time in my bras and tops - took a while for trousers though!! But it is a lush feeling - good luck!
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Heya, I love the Choc and Strawberry tetras (they have to be cold though), not a fan of the Banana ones although I was the first time round!

I've only been doing this a week (day 7 today) and am now fitting into ALL the trousers I own, where I could only fit into about 1/4 before and they were tight. Now the tight ones are too big and the ones that were too small fit nicely (no muffin tops). It's amazing!! Haven't noticed a change anywhere else yet except around my face and jaw, and my boobs seem to have shrunk :( dammit!

hi jodie, when i was on cd. the banana was my fav but then i got sick of them and lived on the choc tetra. they are def worth the bit extra no messing around with blender and that aswell. i thought the strawberry was a bit powdery but it was nice aswell. def get one of each to try :)

I noticed weight loss in week one. in my very lst week of cd i lost 14lbs and my jeans were hanging of me!


is gonna do it!!
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Hi ya,
I like all the tetra's but choc is the best in my opinion.
Another thing, I got one of those suppliment shakers from asda, it cost £5 and its the same as using the blender, less washing up!
I don't bother with the tetra's since buying it!


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i get the choc ones and have two mugs of half a tetra topped up with hot water to make a hot chocolate. it goes twice as far and is yummy!! especially in this weather. i didn't like the banana one much and i've never tried the strawberry but might do soon :)

abz xx
Chocolate is my favourite, but it has to be cold. I haven't tried the banana ones as the banana shakes repeated on my all day so it put me off. I don't like the strawberry ones as I think they have a very artificial flavour, a bit like plastic!
But saying that you should try them yourself as everyone one is different. Before I started I read loads of posts that lots of people hate the soups but I absolutley love the chicken and mushroom one!
Good luck for Thursday.
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When I started around a year ago I hated chocolate and love banana... I think they're worth it for days your away from home and can't get to your blender. But try *everything* at least once - what works for one person wont for someone else aafter all.
I live on chocolate tetra's and love them, not so keen on banana or strawberry.......also noticed the losses after a week but really after 3weeks thats when other people noticed and my hunger/cravings had completely gone, good luck chick.x


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Choc but cold and I would say after the 2nd week I could definitely notice my trousers were baggy where they used to be tight lol :)
mmmmmmmm choccy tetra's they are great.......might chuck one in the freezer for my tea actually!!!! I noticed the difference after 2 weeks too hun......i'm so excited for ya, especially after all the crap you've been through xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
thanks guys :) its the final count down doorooo roo dooby doo doo doo!


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1. Tetras? What flavour would you say you liked the best and are they defo work spending that wee bit extra on!

2. When did you start feeling the weight loss in your clothes <-- that is what im most looking forward to

Cheery folks

Jodie xx
My fave tetra is chocolate by a mile!!! Would live on them if I could-so creamy!!!!

As for the weightloss, I have only just gone down a size. It varies for different people but I can't believe it has taken 4st to show a difference in my clothes!!! x
looks like chocolate tetras seems to be ppls fave lol and strawberry failing in last place

as for feeling in the clothes im just going to have to take it as it comes! lol
I could live on choc tetra's too (just noticed the other day that the words tetra brik is on the bottoms of my optifast boxes)I do like to make a "mocha latte" 1/2 each choc powder & vanilla powder, 1 splenda, a little cinnamon & vanilla extract and heaping spoon of instant coffee and about 10-11 oz of boiling water, oh so yummy, I try to have one of these a day.
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S: 21st4lb C: 16st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 4st10lb(22.15%)
i'm too embarrassed to order 21 chocolate tetras abz lol!!! must still be associating chocolate with fat! x
lol i have no idea what im going to order im going to think about it all day tomo then on thursday lol ill feel sick with excitement and friday ill be focussed and wishing i hit ketosis quick!
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I'll only have a tetra if I have to. I find them far too sweet and leave a horrible taste in my mouth. As for tfeeling it in my clothes it was after the first week but I didn't drop down into the next size till I'd lost the 2 stone, I've only lost a total of six inches.

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