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A good motivator!


Going for Goal!
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I decided a few weeks that I needed a motivator, to help my stick to CD and start to feel better about myself.

I'm one of these people who wallows in self pity, especially where my obesity is concerned. :sigh:

I knew I needed something to do, other than eating to help fill my gaps:

Bordem - I have always eaten when bored
Emotional - The minute I'm upset or down, I head for the fridge.

So, I have made a list of things to do to replace my old habit of opening that fridge door ;)

  • Head for the bathroom, and indulge in a hot bath - complete with bath bombs/bubble bath.
  • Moisturise! I have read so many threads about palmers firming butter recently that I'm giving it a go!
  • Read a motivating book - there are lots of motivation for weight loss books out there, and like magazines they can be very inspirational.
  • Girlie treats - can include painting your nails, giving yourself a face mask, even trying new make up techniques!
  • Exercise - of any kind: walking, dance mat, wii, swimming.
  • Write to family - my Dad's family live miles away, and I often write to my Nan, because I know she enjoys recieving them, plus it keeps me occupied.
  • Browse online - lately i've been doing this a lot. To look at clothes that I would love to wear, but have not ever been able to.
  • Phone someone! It's a real distraction in itself! I find it works on those lonely evenings.
I'm sure there are loads more techniques that you all use, but mine have certainly helped for me, and I hope they may help someone else in their time of 'need' for something to do. :D:D:D

Hugs x x x
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This is the last time!!
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Last time round I made a motivational poster for my kitchen. I stuck it on a cupboard next to the fridge...the cupboard was our 'naughty' cupboard with treats in and the fridge speaks for itself.
On my poster I wrote down all of the things that I wanted to do but felt my weight held me back on. Every time I had a weak moment I looked at it and pictured something on the poster...me and my son swimming, going on our holiday, me and hubby having 'fun' and it drove me on.

As for distraction, definitely agree on bubble baths. I love 'Lush' stuff and have so far treated myself to a fluffy bath every night. I also saved my ironing to do some in the evenings when I usually feel snacky. Finally, I found myself using my DS to play Sudoku etc as something to keep my hands busy.


Cambridge Consultant
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Hey Emma
I think thats a great idea...... I really do.. and it helps others to feel positive too.....

At first I used to take myself off for a nice soak in the bath or chill out on the sofa with a magazine.

At the beginning I used to treat myself with silly things even if it was just hair bands for my hair or beauty creams......

Well done hon ...... great thread x

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