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A good reference WEBSITE



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Thanks BL, that site is really good. I've just measured my wrist and been told I had a large frame...so that means my excuses of having big bones does have some truth to it after all, despite the fact that South Park wrecked the excuse for me for many years!!! "I'm not fat, I'm just big boned!" :) LOL
:eek: I just checked my frame - it said I am a small frame!!?? I don't believe that - I have always said I had a large frame!! LOL Man, I ALWAYS used the ecuse that I was "big-boned" eeek!! Now i have even less of an excuse!! :D

Howeer - that means something about me is small!!! :bliss: LOL

But - before I get too carried away - when it asked for the measure of the "breadth of your elbow" - I assume that means from edge to edge, not around, etc.

Is that right??

Check out the body fat index too - that was good. For women, the average is something like 34%. I came in at 35% so was happy to be nearly averaage - but the desired is still much lower. So still stuff to burn and shed!

Glad you liked the site Kaalin - I thught it was really good!


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Well a slight confession, I went to measure it around and then went to the dropdown menu which didn't have it on, so I thought I must be wrong...so that large frame was on only my wrist measurement but that made me happy as it confirmed what the doctor said to me a couple of years back. I will check out my fat measurements in a minute, if I dare!! :)

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