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A Guilty returner !!

Hi everyone.
This place brings us alll back one day :))
I was away to do some professional exams, some other stuff to sort out..but the bad thing is, I have managed to put on weight aswell..Now an uncomfortable size 14 is not making me happy at all.
So...Here I am back to give CD a real time go. ( I didnt say try :p)
One small glitch is, I have holidays booked to Vegas in exactly 2 weeks from today, so got to be 100% for two weeks, then enjoy vacations and as soon as land back to UK, back to CD again.
This time I got to get back in my size 12 comfortably and loose 4 stones. I am 5,7 and just under 14 stones which is so annoying. I feel so uncomfortable going Vegas being this fat but it was booked for me as a present from mum.
Please share your support and I shall post my progress here every day
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is back to finish the job
Good luck in your journey. Try not to be too indulgent on your holiday and then it won't be as difficult to get back into.
Good luck, we're all in this together and you're not that fat- I was same weight as you and I'm only 5'1''.
Thanks Lynda. That is the plan. I am planning to go Greece in August and I want to be 3 stones lighter then what I am today. Nothing to distract me this time :)) Hopefully the support here will keep me straight and narrow.
Good luck, we're all in this together and you're not that fat- I was same weight as you and I'm only 5'1''.
Thanks hun, Made me feel a bit confident or going vegas with this weight was scaring me totally...


Gold Member
Hiya.. all the best!

Isn't it funny the way we're at about the same weight, and with your height you're slimmer than I am at the mo, and yet I'm feeling over the moon about it, and you're feeling down in the dumps.. not surprising, but just goes to show how much of it is state of mind!

..btw.. Obviously it's your life and your choice.. but personally, I found the tricky bit of CD to be the first couple of weeks, so if I were off to Vegas in a fortnight's time I'd probably want to do CD while I was there... that might just be me though.. wouldn't want the hardship of the first two weeks TWICE like that... I guess the most important thing is that you do what you most REALLY want to do...

All the best!

thanks hun..The reason I feel this way is coz I once have lost 3 stones on CD n I was 11 stones, because I am tall, I was looking very slim..now I feel fat...and uncomfortable size 14...
I will be very careful in vegas of making choices to what I eat. I am going with a group of people so dont want to be the odd one out, however, I plan to take bars so I dont eat too much non CD stuff..
I must loose 3 stones by August before Greece so its a mind set now and No way I am going to mess it up for me.. :))
I know what you mean. Fatness is all relative. When I was young if I put on half a stone I felt enormous but I've just resigned myself more to the stones now but when you've lost all that weight you will feel fat. But honestly, you'll not look it, especially in US as many many fat people there. But will be difficult to diet there too cos US food great. I'm going to Madeira in 4 weeks so don't know how I'll get on cos I've still loads to lose.
haha Thanks Broxi. If I can manage to loose 12-14 lbs these two weeks I,ll be a happy bunny. I am using powerplate everyday and I do some tonning excercises daily. Also doing the body brushing etc daily so that I can wear some dresses without feeling tooooo big hehe...


Wants to be slim!
I have been 'sort of' on the diet for 6 weeks now due to illness (had to eat while taking loads of meds) so I know how you feel. Go back to basics and take each day at a time - good luck!! :p

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