A hint about Ketostix

I thought this may be a useful hint. My 19 years old daughter is diabetic and obviously she uses ketostix to ensure that ketones are kept out of her urine. As you know ketones are not good for diabetic due to acidity.

Anyway, in order to get more value for money she cuts in them in half vertically so that she gets twice as much.

She then keeps 1 lot in the downstairs loo in a container and the other in the upstairs bathroom in another container,
so I bought mine and do the same which is rather good.

One question on ketones. Should the stix ever go intro neutral? Or is just blush pink the best level to be. I am a bit unsure and trying not to get hung up on them but they are inspirational I must say.

Hope this helps in saving a bit of money.

Thats a fab idea, thanks!!

I think (not 100% mind!) that if they go into neutral you are out of ketosis? But any change in colour is good, I think you need a least a trace.
Hiya and great idea about the stix!

Some times if you have drunk loads of water the stick seems like its showing a negative reading cos the wee is really diluted...its always best to do a test first thing in the am when wee is stronger.
Generally as long as it changes any shade of pink you are in ketosis and fat burning is deffo going on!!
hope that helps

lou XX
Hi Marge
Good tip about the ketostix. A quick question though ... is your daughter on medication for her diabetes? If she is, then she's entitled to free prescriptions and could get her GP to prescribe her ketostix.

And she'd get ALL her meds free ... not just the diabetic ones :)
Hello Debbie,

Yes she has been on insulin since she was 9 (10 years ago when diagnosed). She has always got them free. I don't use her ketostix though because I would hate her to run out of them and she is at Uni anyway. I buy mine, cut them in half and i don't really mind. I don't expect the taxpayer to fund my personal stuff, just glad that my daughter gets her meds free. My friend who has asthma doesn't get hers free at all and I am apalled at that. Asthma is high risk like diabetes and they should get their meds free. Although, of course, my daughter needs her meds to stay alive.

I find that in the morning my ketones are very dark pink, go blush pink in the evening so I am assuming that is okay and means I am in ketosis all the time.

I did pick at some poached chicken breast the other night because I was hungry and because it was talking to me from the fridge and thought it would be okay because no carb. I didn't get out of ketosis so do you think it was a silly thing to do? I don't know why I did it I really fancied a different texture to eat and thought as it was totally protein it wouldn't harm.

Naughty marge!

I will be good from now on and looking forward to starting AAM on thursday.