A HUGE thank you

Hi all,
I just want to say a great big THANKS to everyone on this site. I have been a bit of a lurker for the last couple of weeks:eek: and just gaining the benefit of all you knowledgable folks!!!! I have been able to get answers to practically all of my questions from other people going through the same thing. So to everyone..... THANK YOU...
I promise to be more active now that I'm comfortably into my VLCD. (3 wks 2morrow!!)...
Cheers for now...
Hi Dave - and welcome :D

hope you're doing OK so far...and just shout if you need anything ;)

look forward to getting to know ya :)
Welcome to the boards Dave. Glad you've managed to glean some useful info from your time lurking - and it's great you now feel able to join in!

Looking forward to sharing your weight-loss journey with you! :)
Congrats Dave, you are well on your journey.

Fab x
Hi dave and welcome,

This is a fantastic forum for advice and encouragement.

You're well on your way now on week 3 congratulations.
Hello Dave!

Welcome on board buddy!

Glad you're enjoying the site, honey!!

Don't be a stranger now, y'hear!?!?! We want to hear all about your progress!

Well done on getting through week 3 - way to go, fella!

Hi Dave,

Congratulations on getting over the tough part of your journey, hopefully the rest will be plain sailing for you from now on.

It is good to have you with us.

Love Mini xxx
Ok.... God only knows why I'm up sooo late but I thought I'd put my time to good use and set up my profile etc... hope I got it right...! Thanx for the response people, I really appreciate it.
Just out of curiosity... am I the only forum member from Northern Ireland?...... I know the CDCs are thin on the ground over here!!!... However my one is fantastic.. always full of positive encouragement....thanks Nancy...!
Oooh Dave - I love the accent - shame we can't record our posts! heheheh!

I think your little pic of 'one more for the road' is brill!!!

Can't help you with the CDCs in NI question, I'm afraid - sure someone else can.

Have a great day, hun!
>>>>>>>> WAVES<<<<<<<<<<<<<<HI :)
Well done you on 3 weeks
looking forward to hearing lots from you