At my wits end!


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Hi All,

I’ve been struggling to lose weight for around two years now. I’m around 20st and completely at a loss what to do!

When I first started I did the standard; eat 1,200 calories a day & increased my exercise. After a few months of no movement on the scale, I went to the doctors. He did some blood tests and scans (all fine) and referred me to a dietician. Sadly after being under them for over a year, the only advice I really got was to reduce my calories further, and maybe try a multi-vitamin.

Everyone else I’ve spoken to has agreed; I need to exercise more and eat less. For the last three months I’ve measured and logged every single piece of food, and cut my calories as suggested. I’m currently eating under 800 a day, (mainly veg and lean protein) drinking 4litres of water and walking 10,000 steps on top of additional workouts.

There’s been absolutely no change whatsoever. I’’m still 20st. I’m tired and hungry all the time and completely fed up! Anyone on here have any idea what I could try to finally, finally get some of this weight off??

Thank you :)
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S: 15st2lb C: 11st9lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28 Loss: 3st7lb(23.11%)

If you have stuck to 800 calories and not lost, from experience, there are 3 things going on:-

You are actually eating more then you realise

You are eating too little so your body is hanging onto the fat

You have a medical issue, or are taking medications that make it hard to lose weight.

I would suggest a higher fat, higher protein very low carb diet. If you look on here or google it is called Keto. It's the only thing with intermittant fasting that worked for me.