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A lighterlife question


Loves VLCD's !
Yes in my LL group we all lost different amounts every week and those who lost little or none always made up for it later on. We all lost roughly the same amount in 100 days so don't give up !

There can be loads of reasons - not drinking enough water, the fact that you had a good weight loss in week 1. See what happens next week and rest assured that you can't lose weight any quicker than on a VLCD !
One girl in my group only lost half a pound one week for no apparant reason but lost 7 the following week. Our systems are so peculiar but stick with it - what was a fact was that every one in my foundation group lost 3 or more stones in those 100 days some lost even more. I know its easier said than done but try to forget about it, stick to the rules and I am sure you will delighted with the results next week!


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Hi Minnie,

I had a bit of a crappy time 6 weeks ago when I lost 1.5lbs then 1lb the next week!
The 4 weeks after that though I lost 3lb per week.
This week I lost 1.5 lb again!
Weird eh?
Ive done nothing differently either.
Hi minnie,

I lost 8lbs in the first week then 2lbs in the second week. My llc said it was probably due to totm. Try not to worry about it, i know its disheartening but you will make up for it with more consistent and slightly higher than average losses in the next few weeks.

Keep going girl!

Gemma x
One of the gals in my group didn't lose an ounce in the first 2 weeks, despite being in Ketosis and sticking rigidly to the plan, however the 3rd week she lost 9lbs and was ecstatic (so were we), our bodies are all so different. Stick with it, it will all even out at the end of 14 weeks. Angela x

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