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A lil education please :D

Sammi N

Anything but Regular
Hi everyone! I went swimming for the first time yesterday and managed 16 lengths (i paused between every 2 and so overall took me about 45 minutes) Would just like to know if I am overworking myself if I aim to go 3 times a week and do around 20 lengths. I am doing ss and am on my 9th week this week. I feel a lot better in myself as I felt the diet was a bit monotamous (excuse spelling) and needed that lil something different to make it feel a new experience for me.

I basically wanted to know other than getting to tone whether this will burn calories aswell as I am not well educated on the effects of exercise whilst on a low calorie intake.

I really want to make the most of my experience and losses on this diet and also go for a weekly bicycle ride for about 45 minutes too. Am I helping myself by doing this or should I be looking to be on a higher plan to get the best for myself???

Apologies if similiar questions have been asked but would really like to feel content with my decision and know I am doing the best for my self motivation. :D
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I just spoke to someone about this and they said the only danger is doing too much and not loosing because your body may go into starvation with the exercising on top
(as a lay person!)
i think if you dont feeled wiped out at the end of your work out you should be fine, were you swimming before you started? as i think is it ok to continue, but not start new stuff.... i would say that you maybe rest more inbetween, and either not think about how many, or how long, kind of pick one.... and stop when you feel tired... (personal view!!)

Sammi N

Anything but Regular
hmmm i did wonder about the starvation mode Tif, that caused most of the questioning. Ceridrial i didn't feel wiped out at all i thoroughly enjoyed it and i did do swimming alot before, i was pregnant and found it helped me through my pregnancy. My son is 6 months old now so id say i haven't done any swimming for that amount of time. I will ease up when i feel needed. I just needed assurance that i wasn't doing more damage than good. Thanks for your replies guys most apprecaited.
I suspect the post above this one is spam...

Anyway, moving on!

If you want to add loads more exercise then you might want to consider going up to 810. The risk is that, in the absence of calories on SS, you might start burning your own muscle as fuel (kinda counterproductive). But if you eat extra protein, as on 810, there's less chance of that happening.

I suspect you'll soon know if you've overdone it, though. If you're feeling like you can't move another step after exercising, you're probably doing too much!

Have you seen Nikki's sticky post on exercise? I'll link to it in a mo.

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