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A Little Advice Please

Hi Everyone,

This is probably covered somewhere in a 'sticky' but I also just wanted to ask for opinions if possible?

I've been SS'ing for 5+1/2 weeks now (had a slight wobble for 3 days in the middle, but back on track now), but after reading some of the other posts, it seems that I should have had/be having an AAMW, but my CDC hasn't mentioned this.

They also haven't mentioned SS+ even though I've said that most days I'm staaaaaaarving hungry and end up going to bed with a rumbly tummy! :cry:

I'm definitely in Ketosis as my sticks are always pink (various shades depending on my water intake!), but my weight loss is pretty slow to say the least, only 14lbs - does anyone know what I might be doing wrong???

Thanks in advance

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well looking at your ticker it looks like you dont have alot to lose..i think bigger people with a lot to lose will lose quicker. I might be wrong though.

Im on week 8 and I havent done aam week. my cdc never mentioned it and tbh i dont want to do it either because i might go mad with food! Why dont you ask your cdc and see what he/she says?

I dont know anything about ss+ sry!

xx becky xx


Totally Focused
I'm now at the end of Week 6. I did AAM in Week 5, not because my CDC said anything about it - but because I read it in the booklets and read about it on here. I was looking forward to it with trepidation, but when it came to it, it was okay - but made me very glad to get back on SS!! I lost 2lbs during AAM week which was quite disappointing. I did everything right and, although I found it hard to fit in my 3 shakes etc during the day, I made sure I did, sometimes having a bar or a frozen tetra as a dessert after my evening green and white meal.

I'm sure I read in one of the stickys that with the revised CD we can do 12 weeks SS - but doctors have to be informed. I'm not sure of the details but could easily look them up if I really needed them! I'm sure somebody else will soon be on here to advise you better than I can!!

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